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Anaheim, CA – Michael bisping I commented with some of the best, but there is one person he hasn’t worked with yet.

The transition from Bisping’s fighter to commentator is aimed at adding value, insight and personality to the broadcast booth. Former UFC Middleweight Champion has been involved in many shows since wearing gloves in November 2017.

Having already joined the comment table of John Anique, Paul Felder, Brendan Fitzgerald, etc., there is one notable name he would like to work with.

“Joe Rogan” Bisping told MMA Junkie. “I haven’t worked with Joe Rogan yet. I want to. Of course, Joe-he’s a UFC commentator OG or the Godfather. I remember when I first commented. January 2019. It was Fortaleza in Brazil. After that, I received a really nice text message from Joe.

“He said,’Mike, I really love what you’re doing. I have a really interesting perspective tonight. I’m looking forward to working with you someday.” And Joe Hear it from – yes, it made a lot of sense to me. Thank you Joe. But I haven’t been able to work with him yet. Of course, Joe only does pay-per-view and has a hierarchy. John Anik, Joe Rogan, the next line is “DC” (Daniel Cormier), and that’s exactly how it works. There is a hierarchy and it is fair enough. “

In his recent broadcast appearance, Bisping, alongside Michael Eaves and three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen, hosted the UFC 260 post-match show at ESPN. He recently joined BT Sport as an analyst and continues to host popular podcasts. “trust me”

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Michael Bisping wants to comment with “OG” Joe Rogan Michael Bisping wants to comment with “OG” Joe Rogan

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