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When the UFC first signed with former Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler, his immediate hope was to fight Tony Ferguson. That didn’t happen, but Chandler finally booked his UFC debut.

Chandler will make his promotional debut on the other side of Dan Hooker. UFC 257: Poirier vs. McGregor 2 January 23rd at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. He feels it’s the biggest stage in the UFC that can be splashed right away.

As mentioned earlier, it wasn’t Plan A … or even Plan B.

The UFC intended to ink Chandler and fight Ferguson on the undercard of UFC 254, headed by lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim title holder Justin Gaethje.

Chandler and Ferguson also serve as a backup if either Habib or Gaethje is knocked out of the main event, as COVID-19 and other issues can confuse Marquee’s match.

When the fight against Ferguson didn’t happen, Chandler ended without a match, but he was still ready to travel to Abu Dhabi, gain weight and become the only fighter. After all, his service turned out to be unnecessary in UFC 254.

Chandler, who lost weight, recovered and took some time for his opponent to sign with a dotted line.

The opponent has finally come true in the form of a hooker. Hooker wasn’t the first choice for Chandler in his UFC debut, but not because he thought Hooker was overlooked.

“This is what I say, mainly because of the UFC ranking order, Dan Hooker wasn’t necessarily on the radar, but on the highest rung of the radar,” Chandler recently said on ESPN’s Brett. I told Okamoto.

“Obviously, when I got in, the UFC wanted me to test right away. I cast names like (Dustin) Poirier, Ferguson, Gaethje, and (Charles) Oliveira. , 2, 3, 4 people. Obviously, with the exception of Habib (Nurmagomedov), he’s now half retired, so I’m still not sure what he’s doing, but these are me It’s the name we were talking about, and the name the UFC was trying to get to me. It’s not that Dan Hooker wasn’t a formidable opponent because it was booked. “

In fact, Chandler sees Hooker as one of his more dangerous enemies in the Octagon.

“Honestly, he could be one of the most salty, awkward, and most difficult challenges, physically and in his attributes within the Octagon. I’m Poirier than Hooker. I think the match is good. I think it matches Gagey and then Hooker better. I think it matches Tony Ferguson better than Hooker, “Chandler said.

“Finally, I signed to the UFC and took the lead. To get to the top, I have to fight. I have to be inside the UFC Octagon. To book this fight It was a moving roller coaster. “

It took Chandler a few months to book the match, but he’s ready to take the lead in the UFC lightweight division. He is also very pleased to do that with a pay-per-view fight card featuring Conor McGregor in the limelight.

“(UFC257) Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier … the biggest card of the year. It’s going to be the biggest stage I could have fought, it’s Dan Hooker, so let’s go.”

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Michael Chandler Finally Bookes First UFC Match on “Biggest Stage” Michael Chandler Finally Bookes First UFC Match on “Biggest Stage”

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