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Michael chandler I have the utmost confidence Ben Askren to win Jake Paul..

Former Bellator Champion and Former UFC Fighter Askren will be fighting YouTube star Paul in an eight-round boxing match on April 17th.

Despite Paul’s inexperience as a boxer, many were known as outstanding wrestlers throughout his MMA career, but Asklen, who wasn’t necessarily admired for his impressiveness, strapped his gloves. Tighten with a boxing ring.

But for Chandler, that’s not surprising. He believes that too many people are counting Asklen, and that there are various factors that can shake things in his favor.

“I think it’s a great idea, No. 1” Chandler said in a recent episode. “Jim Rohm Show.” “Number. 2, Ben Askren is one of the most notable human beings on the planet. Everyone sees loud voices, loud voices, just attitudes, but Ben is the most I’ve ever met. One of the devoted and humble men. He is one of the reasons I started general fighting. He is a competitor. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t surprise me. I know Ben well. Then you shouldn’t be surprised.

“The guy is a wildcard. He marches to the beat of his drums. Well, what I say about the actual match is that Jake Paul is not a great boxer. Ben Askren is not a great boxer. Ben Askren, frankly, the weakest of his attributes is his ability to hit the foot, but by the referee, by the ruleset, by the way the promotion is set, Ben gets Jake and is dirty. I think you can do boxing, underhooks, pushes and pulls. “

As Asklen predicted, Chandler believes that “funky” can drag Paul into the deep sea and stop him late. In just two boxing matches, Paul hasn’t passed Round 2 yet.

“We’re going to see, and I think Ben might be punished for it,” Chandler said. “Ben may be pulled away from him, maybe a lot of breaks, but you’ll see Ben approaching far away, Ben reaches out to him. Boxing at a distance You’ll see Ben wear down Jake Paul because there’s a difference between throwing a punch and having a man on his face, putting pressure on him, and being pressed against a rope. You need to remember. Yes, in boxing, Ben knows how to manually move, manipulate, and manipulate another human body. “

“So it would be very interesting to watch dirty boxing, clinch games, and Ben’s toughness. I saw Ben knocked out cold, but listen, King Kong himself. Would have been knocked out by that Jorge Masvidal’s knee. Ben traditionally has an astonishing chin, a great chin, and can push Jake Paul around the boxing ring eight times for three minutes. Mark my words, I think he will finish Jake Paul later in the fight. “

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Michael Chandler predicts Ben Askren will stop Jake Paul Michael Chandler predicts Ben Askren will stop Jake Paul

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