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After making his Octagon debut at UFC 257, Michael Chandler received a personal zoom call from professional wrestling legend Ric Flair.

Chandler wouldn’t look good in his first UFC match. He knocked out Dan Hooker in the first round and took fourth place in the promotional lightweight rankings.

His victory over Hooker provided a lot of feed to fighting fans, but his post-fighting interview with John Anique borrowed quite a bit from Flair’s 1992 Royal Rumble promotion, so talk to people. I let you.

Not surprisingly, Flair received this compliment from Chandler and decided to call the mixed martial artist with a thank-you and congratulatory message.

“I received a personal zoom call from Ric Flair to celebrate my victory in UFC 257,” Chandler wrote on Instagram (h / t). MMA mania). “Live your dreams. Thank you for taking this trip with me. Stay on the course. In the end, all your efforts will be rewarded. Still, stand with your arms wide open. Must be. WOOOOOOOOOO! “

Flair also shouted Chandler on social media.

Chandler speaks at the conclusion of UFC 257 Explanation Why did he channel Ric Flair in a post-combat interview when he wasn’t a big fan of professional wrestling?

“I thought about it several times,” Chandler said (via MMA junkie). “The origin was actually (Daniel Cormier) and Ariel (Helwani) talking about why I participated in the (EA Sports UFC) video game.

“Ariel said he shouldn’t have participated in the video game because he hadn’t fought in the UFC yet, but DC said,” Yes, yes, but he’s Ric Flair. He’s coming from WCW. , Won the title immediately, “Chandler added. “Everyone was angry, but he’s Ric Flair.”

“So it’s kind of funny. I’m not really the biggest WWE / wrestling guy, but it was” the best day of my wrestling career. ” I haven’t done all of the “tears of the eyes”, but I thought it was a little overkill. And the callout came after that. “

What do you think of the mutual praise of Michael Chandler and Ric Flair?

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Michael Chandler screams from Ric Flair after UFC 257 promotion Michael Chandler screams from Ric Flair after UFC 257 promotion

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