Michael Gandolfini is not afraid to be cast in the role of mob

Michael Gandolfini may have followed up Tony Soprano’s role in another mafia-related part of the offer, but he’s not worried about the typecast.

Michael Gandolfini joins the Godfather Making Series offer

Michael Gandolfini may have been given to fill his father’s big shoes Many saints of Newark, He will play a younger version of Tony Soprano and will appear in the Paramount + miniseries Offer, But he has no worries about being typecast in the mafia role and is essentially happy to do the work he is doing. As the son of a great actor like James Gandolfini, it’s permissible to think that the 22-year-old actor will be under great pressure, but he seems happy to simply be able to follow in the footsteps of his father.

In a new interview with TooFab, Young Gandolfini discussed in detail about his career. His little role in Offer, He is featured in one episode of. “It’s a very small part, but it was a lot of fun. I did it a few months ago. Everyone was great about it,” Gandolfini said. “I don’t know a man. I love my job, so whenever I do it, I’m happy to be able to do it.”

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Michael Gandolfini Appeared before Oceans 8 When Cherry, And I had something to say about a clear comparison with the legacy of his late father. “I think casting directors are really talented in their work and what suits them. I’m obviously very different physically and emotionally from my dad, so I’m going to tell people wherever I am. I’m glad to be able to meet you. “”

Earlier, Gandolfini discussed the tough decision to take on the role of Tony Soprano. Many saints of Newark When Empire Magazine.. The actor said the unexpected and completely unique situation was “probably the most difficult decision I had to make so far.” I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to get out of this feeling, just as my feelings for my dad grew. For each scene, drawing Tony the way David wanted, I just wanted to be the best actor I could. I wasn’t thinking about my sadness. Because … well, I would have closed the bed. ”

He continued.My father’s personality Under this aggression was all this beautiful sensitivity. This version of him is the opposite. His curiosity and sensitivity come first. He is not a gun-wielding gangster. He is a child who is crouched and drawn in. ”

NS Many saints of Newark Caused a resurgence of interest in Sopranos, Turn on the original series HBO Max Since the arrival of the prequel movie the day before, it has gained more viewers, which can branch to follow other characters or keep track of Tony, further to fill the gap between the two entities. Soprano led to a discussion with creator David Chase about the series or movie. either way, Sopranos Is one of the shows that isn’t just trying to blend in with history, and with such heritage, it’s always expected that more stories will be told by the characters.

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Michael Gandolfini is not afraid to be cast in the role of mob

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