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Michael Owen saw a big, heavyweight clash on Sunday.

Sam Allardyce and Steve Bruce are just the right explanations, even if they aren’t their respective clubs these days.

Two heavyweight explanations that apply not only to their physique but also to their ego, countless homemade managers who believe there was no fair crack in the whip when it comes to Premier League job opportunities.

But fans will ask differently.

The official Premier League website cast worrisome stats … “West Bromwich Manager Sam Allardyce has won 13 Premier League matches against Newcastle, two more than any other opponent. is.”

Well, I’m sure I saw him outdoors in January 2008 at St. James’ Park, and I always had the impression that he was more eager to beat Newcastle United than any other club.

Since then, Newcastle United have won only two games against Sam Allardyce, both against West Ham. Winning 3-1 in January 2014, Yohan Cabaye’s last NUFC game, winning 2-0 at St. James’ Park in May 2015. A performance that won an Argentine match that proved to be Honas Gutierrez’s last NUFC appearance on the final day of the season when Newcastle finally confirmed they were awake.

But overall, since January 2008, Newcastle United v. Sam Allardyce’s record is as follows:

Allardyce, the latest quartet of the gloomy reading match, won 1-0 in both matches when he was in Everton, and in 2015/16 Coloccini was sent off for that joke in the referee / game, McClaren. Worse when he won 3-0, when Steve McClaren was with Newcastle, later in the mandate season, Rafa Benitez was one against Allardyce’s McClaren, thanks to Mitro’s second half equalizer. I drew one-on-one.

Michael Owen declares: ‘For me, Newcastle is a good show that if they play at their best, they should win this. So I siding with the old club and get an important win. “

Predicting a 1-0 away win, I don’t know when and where Michael Owen saw Newcastle’s “best play” this season, but it wouldn’t have been that often …

These are the 15 matchform lines of all 6 clubs at the bottom, dating back about 3 months ago.

Burnley – 4 wins, 5 draws, 6 losses, 17 points, 17 goals, 12 goals

Brighton – 3 wins, 7 draws, 5 losses, 14 points vs. 12 goals, 16 goals

Newcastle United – 2 wins, 3 draws, 10 losses, 9 points, 13 goals, 28 pairs

Fulham – 2 wins, 9 draws, 4 losses, 15 points, 9 goals, 11 pairs

West Brom – 2 wins, 5 draws, 8 losses, 11 points, 11 goals vs. 31

Sheffield United – 4 wins, 1 draw, 10 losses, 13 points, 21 to 9 goals

As you can see, the three months have been dire, but Newcastle United is the only club that has scored fewer points than West Brom in the last 15 games, and even Sheffield United is doing well.

Maybe a heavy load collision would be a better explanation for this fat sum v Blue Sea collision.

Michael Owen clearly sees a desperate position for the homeside, regardless of today’s results. “West Brom has been effectively destined for weeks, so you can probably approach it more relaxed.”

However, Allardyce Desperate to beat Newcastle, today telling his player to win, West Brom loses safety just six points behind NUFC. The draw is clearly useless to the buggies, and there is only a win in his sight, and Allardyce has to attack and head for the win, so at least more than many would suspect with two such negative managers. You may see an interesting match. With the two worst defensive records in the Premier League as a whole this weekend, it should also ensure the goal of the match.

When it comes to the potential consequences of Steve Bruce, Michael Owen believes: “When magpies lose this, they face serious problems.”

Recently, there have been some very lucky defeats in Brighton, Fulham and West Brom, but none of them deserves to be defeated and incredible misfortune applies to all three.

If Steve Bruce wins this twice in 18 games (all tournaments), he will resign if he has integrity.

On Friday he once again said that no matter how terrible Newcastle did today and beyond, he would not resign under any circumstances. It is widely reported that if Mike Ashley finally accepts that Steve Bruce must be dismissed, he will need as much as £ 4 million in compensation to be paid.

It would be worth every penny.

Talking to BetVictor Michael Owen:

“This is a huge game at the bottom.

“Old-fashioned” six pointers “are waiting for us, and I’m hoping for a cage-like incident.

“When magpies lose this, they face serious problems.

“West Brom has been destined to be effective for weeks, so you can probably approach it more relaxed.

“I think this is who wants more.

“For me, Newcastle has shown enough that if they play at their best, they should win.

“So I siding with my old club to grind an important win.

“Forecast-West Brom 0 Newcastle United 1.”

– Soccer Sports

Michael Owen examines the results of the two big names-Sam Allardyce vs. Steve Bruce Michael Owen examines the results of the two big names-Sam Allardyce vs. Steve Bruce

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