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Polish mixed martial arts KSW: 58 Parnas vs. Torres It’s Saturday, but the focus is Mika Michalski And Alexander Lakas today. The event is talented and will take place in Lodz, Poland. With the eight main cards, some games may be under the radar, but there are still so many possibilities. Specifically, the welterweight scrap between Michaell Michalski and Aleksandar Rakas is a competitive issue between two exciting athletes.

By weighing KSW: 58, Both fighters have gained weight. Subsequent gazes revealed that the two were ready to collide. Among other things, fans can see Croatia and Poland, represented by some very skilled welterweights. Rakas is fighting almost twice as much as Poland’s Michalski, putting pressure on inexperienced fighters.

Michał Michalski and Aleksandar Rakas – KSW: 58

The battle between Michalski and Lakas is the first of two welterweight matches at night. Michalski’s last match was in December 2019, but he has won two consecutive victories. 31-year-old Michalski is inactive, but when he comes in KSW cage, He is an absolute barbarian to deal with. In particular, his hands have evolved and become heavier. This is supported by his last two performances. For example KSW 48: Szymańskivs. Parnas, He proved that his power was brought into the second round after he broke through Sabo Rajitch..Following that fierce victory, he ended Albert Ojimkowski It will be even faster under the KSW banner.

Michał Michalski and Aleksandar Rakas – Style Clash

Interestingly, the match can turn into an old school match between two classic styles: Striker vs Grappler. However, Lacus has been fighting for a long time and has accumulated a well-balanced resume. In fact, 5 ″ 11 ″ Croats will play in the match with a total of 8 knockouts and 6 submissions.

One of the reasons Lacus is so exciting is his finishing ability, which sometimes comes at the expense of conditioning. He lost some games due to a decision a few years ago, but certainly it’s not an effective indicator of the evolution he made. Needless to say, Rakas shows a variety of submissions in the cage. For example Marshall Fight Night 5 He managed to pull out a very smooth arm bar.Before that, he picked up a technical knockout against Mehmet Balik so Curl Through Efight Knight 2.. Both are dangerous, so it’s important to understand the game plan he adopts.

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Michal Michalski and Alexsandar Raskas could steal the show Michal Michalski and Alexsandar Raskas could steal the show

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