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WWE Hall of Fame Mick Foley hopes WWE NXT superstar Rhea Ripley will win the 30-women royal rumble match next Sunday.

Foley joined Facebook this week, claiming that Ripley had won the Women’s Rumble. Ripley and other black-and-white brand superstars haven’t announced the match at the time of this writing, but are rumored to be joining the rumble again this year.

Currently, there are 18 open spots in 30 women’s rumble matches. Participants identified at the time of this writing are Nia Jax, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Bianca Belair, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Peyton Royce, Alexa Bliss, Shayna Baszler, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, This is Tamina Snuka.

You can see Foley’s long post below:

For Rhea Ripley

In honor of WWE SummerSlam, #RoyalRumble has become the second most important WWE event of the year. It’s expected more enthusiastically, and inevitably more fans speak after the show than with more sunny opponents. In my opinion, WWE Superstars are most likely to get people to talk-and Rhea Ripley in a positive way.

Momentum is all about #WWE, and the ability of these rare superstars to transcend the world of professional wrestling and appeal to more viewers is largely based on maintaining and boosting that momentum. When Ripley won the WWE NXT championship, she really felt she had the ability to do a few things before she could achieve it. Bring in new fans and see a completely different look at WWE. In retrospect, Ripley may have been a victim of the war on Wednesday night. Face-to-face with high quality AEW on TNT products every week meant adopting a proven draw to the brand. This is certainly the case with 10-time champion Charlotte Flair. There is no doubt that Charlotte provided it as a rating draw-a 2020 #NXT audience survey confirms that-but when it seemed right to put the crown on a new, very different queen. WWE dropped the ball. Despite having a great match at WWE WrestleMania, the defeat to Charlotte has significantly slowed the momentum of the young Australians. And along with that, the opportunity to become the main face of her brand and its unusual transformational wrestler who can attract new fans to the product. I’ve heard that WWE had some big post-mania plans for Ripley, but in the end, those plans never came true.

Two simple things before giving the case of Ripley’s victory at #RoyalRumble:

Charlotte Flair is already one of the greatest performers in WWE and wrestling history. This article is by no means a knock on Charlotte, as it has been a great pleasure to see her grow weekly as a character and performer over the past few years. She will one day be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, occupying a very rare atmosphere as one of the best superstars of her generation. But she didn’t need a victory at WrestleMania. Rhea Ripley did.

I think there is a very good case for Bianca Belair’s victory over Rumble. She seems to be one of the five tool players we are talking about in baseball. A superstar who can do it all. Berea has the potential to attract attention from outside the wrestling audience for her talent, charisma, appearance, passion, her incredible athleticism, and making her a very attractive potential rumble winner. .. But Ripley’s defeat in Mania last year gives her a built-in storyline-and fans will soon be late, especially if Charlotte robs current champion Asuka of the WWE Raw title. .. Asuka is a great champion, but I don’t see any WrestleMania match with the potential for Flair vs. Ripley. After her long and very worthy break, Charlotte is fresh again and is at the top of her game again. The shake-up of the raw female title leading to Flair’s victory at the #EliminationChamberPPV in February puts her on the clash course with Ripley in a maniac rematch that most wrestling fans want to see. I believe a single confrontation between Ripley and Charlotte will cost a lot of money, but a three-way match against Flair, Asuka and Ripley is also a potential #Mania show stealer. Even if no such shakeup is on the card, Ripley’s victory at Rumble can lead to WrestleMania Burnburner with WWE SmackDown female champion Sasha Banks.

As great as the #NXT roster, the brand has never won the equivalent position in the eyes of most casual fans. The move to #SmackDown or #Raw is still seen as a call to the major leagues, not as a lateral move. Despite several monumental matches over the past year, for many of #WWEUniverse, and for casual wrestling fans around the world, Rhea Ripley is still an unknown amount and again on their stage. A secret weapon ready to shine on the ground. all. This time around, I hope WWE chooses to strap its figurative rocket to its back and see if she can be launched to the next dimension. Due to her athleticism, unique appearance and evasive “it factor”, Ripley has many Raw or SmackDown supers such as Charlotte, Asuka, Bailey, Banks, Natalia, Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, Near Jacks, Bianca Belair and more. It has the potential to be a rival to the stars. Naomi, Sonya Devil – or revisited her past rivalry with NXT’s enemies. On top of that, perhaps the biggest potential rival of all, Becky Lynch is back. If she wins the 2021 Royal Rumble, I believe the limits of Rhea Ripley are empty. I hope WWE doesn’t require rockets in flight.

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Mick Foley wants NXT stars to win the Royal Rumble Mick Foley wants NXT stars to win the Royal Rumble

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