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Microchip Precise Time Scale Systems enables traceability to UTC without relying on GNSS

The strength of a country’s infrastructure is increasingly dependent on time accuracy. As cybersecurity threats to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) are widespread, using alternative time systems is a national security issue.

To address this need Microchip Technology has announced the Precise Time Scale System, a timing system that is traceable to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and is independent of GNSS. This gives countries, institutions, critical infrastructure operators, and scientific laboratories complete control over the time sources on which their infrastructure depends. ..

The Precise Time Scale System (PTSS) is a fully integrated system that can provide timing accuracy comparable to that of the world’s best national laboratories. The core products integrated into PTSS are:

  • SyncSystem 4380A Timescale Edition It produces an autonomous time scale that results from combining several highly accurate independent clocks with a multi-channel instrument to measure and compare clock performance.
  • Timescale orchestra Is a software platform that provides an integrated view with an embedded database that integrates management, monitoring, alarm, and reporting capabilities for the individual products that make up the timescale system.
  • 5071A Cesium Clock Primary Frequency Standard and MHM2020 Active Hydrogen Maser Is a microchip atomic clock that provides accurate and stable frequencies that are continuously measured against each other to calculate and generate the timescale frequencies of an ensemble.

The Precise Time Scale System integrates a new portfolio of timescale products into a turnkey solution, is available in a single rack and is backed by a complete factory acceptance test (FAT) that exceeds the most stringent requirements.

PTSS provides countries with the ability to independently and efficiently operate their own UTC-matched timescale system calculated by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) within their borders. Microchip’s SyncServe S600 / S650 and TimeProvider 4100 time servers are integrated into the system and use both Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to provide reliable time for critical infrastructure. ..

“Microchip’s Precise Time Scale System provides a high-quality backup or alternative to GNSS as a source of time, which can be distributed via eLoran, IEEE 1588 overfiber, bidirectional time transfer, and other methods.” Randy Brudzinski said. , Vice President, Microchip Frequency and Time Systems Business Unit. “By implementing an autonomous time source, countries can control and leverage time as a utility to protect critical infrastructure such as transportation, the financial sector, telecommunications, and power companies.”

Or, if you’re building your own timescale system, you can purchase Microchip’s timescale products individually for core timescales such as clock measurement and clock ensemble generation, as well as system management, monitoring, and performance reporting. Can provide functionality. The modularity of this system allows timekeepers to procure the system over time as budget allows and technology evolves.


The Precise Time Scale System is a custom solution designed to your requirements and consists of four core products including SyncSystem 4380A Time Scale Edition, Time Scale Orchestrator, 5071A Cesium Clock Primary Frequency Standard and MHM2020 Hydrogen Active Maser. I am.

Microchip Precise Time Scale Systems enables traceability to UTC without relying on GNSS Microchip Precise Time Scale Systems enables traceability to UTC without relying on GNSS

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