Microsoft and Double Fine call for Git Gud to end

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Microsoft’s Xbox Twitter account before the weekend Sent a surprisingly important tweet: “Defeating the game on the lowest difficulty is still defeating the game.” Then Double Fine added its completion. Psycho Notes 2 Even if you “turn on the invincible toggle”, you are still considered to have won the game. This is the most refreshing thing I’ve ever seen and was born out of the game forever.

One of the most annoying and annoying corners of the game peaked probably about four years ago. The “Git Gud” crowd cracked down on the Internet in search of signs of weaknesses in the game, and quickly punished the Internet for pile-on and terrible personal abuse.So Dark Souls III At its peak of popularity, all other games were about to awaken from Software. Cuphead, And we have entered the worst situation of gamer douchebaggery.

I have experienced the candid and mysterious power of this anger many times, but never more than when I published an article about jokes. Kotaku Tribute site Rock Paper Shotgun.. Request a button that allows the player to skip the boss battleThis pretty innocent proposal to make the entire game accessible to those who bought it, how I killed myself, how it was proof of the end of game journalism, and of course how I “gitgud” Have to. In other words, it was a panic-tuned torrent from a scared little boy whose only source of pride was threatened by my suggestion.

It’s very surprising to read that the Xbox is breaking this attitude just four years later. The difficulty of nightmares is the only acceptable way to play. Finally (and very lately) I oppose Git Gud’s detrimental attitude to this hobby. It’s even better to see individual developers join in the same position. To you and me, reading Double Fine may seem totally harmless. Psycho Notes 2 Anything that has “cheat” turned on in essence counts as a game completion, but it’s very difficult to tell how controversial and controversial this is on the internet.

They continue, mocking the previously louder, more prevalent attitude. “‘uh, excuse me I beat Sword Guy Serious Time on a no hit hard mode and if didn’t do that I don’t respect you. and like, can you even comment on things if you’re not diamond six rank in shooty mcBlam? I don’t think so.’” they tease, concluding, “cool bud. you’re soooo cool!” Then slightly more sensibly Please enter the spellingt,

“Everyone should be able to enjoy the game. All ages, all possible needs. This is a continuous and important process for the industry and a challenge that needs to be addressed. [sic]

“End of the day? Have fun, laugh and experience a story that affects you. Under any conditions.”

Amen. In other words, I wish I had heard these voices six months ago, but I am grateful for what I have heard now.

Of course, both tweet sets are hit by all sorts of anger. I quoted a poster saying, “Going to school while sleeping in class is still going to school,” and I don’t understand the difference between attending differently and not attending at all. In a podcast with six followers, “whether you play on-screen or in action, the game is primarily aimed at improving yourself or being part of a team.” doing. See outside. Others clearly prefer a more subtle position than using homophobic slur, but my favorite is “obviously and certainly wrong” before telling game developers how to develop a game. The person who starts things.

The objection to the idea that it is acceptable to complete the game in any way can only be rooted in the desire to exclude others. With just one picosecond of thinking, a rational person will realize that not everyone who plays a game is as good as he or she is. With additional thought time, others can come to the conclusion that “the way someone else plays this single-player game in their own home doesn’t affect my experience at all.”

The only reason for this uncompromising attitude towards difficulties in gatekeeping games is to protect the most vulnerable ego, which is only supported by the belief that game skills give an individual advantage over others. The lack of tenacity to achieve this is quite unique, while being enthusiastic and angry in public.

Of course, there is still work to be done. It’s depressing to me that both the Xbox and Double Fine chose to use the term “beat the game” instead of “finishing” or “ending the game.” Every time I read or hear someone say “beat the game”, I finish watching a philosophical movie with subtitles on Netflix, stick my arms out into the air, and get around how to “beat the movie” I can’t help but imagine yelling. !! “

Anyway, the good news is Psycho Notes 2 It comes with an option to make it invincible in case you reach a level that is too tricky to overcome or a boss fight. And unusually, for everyone else who doesn’t believe it has the right to exist, they just … can’t use it!

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