Microsoft Announces Black Friday Trading on Xbox Consoles, Controllers, Games and more •

Some are already active and are on the way.

Next week, Microsoft announced a number of Xbox Black Friday deals, offering discounts on games, subscriptions, consoles, and controllers as well. Nothing is mentioned about the Series S / X, but there are many deals that benefit the owners of them.

All significant discounts apply to the game, with a number of price cuts from the Xbox library for 13 major games (assuming you buy digitally). Some of these have dropped by as much as 75%, and even games a few months ago have had significant price cuts. Most of these games haven’t been released yet, but here are some of them and how to access them. Well, some are and some aren’t-it’s a bit weird, and Microsoft hasn’t made it clear when others will be active. Still, for the time being, I’ll update this page as more details become available. You can click at any time to check the status.


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Not only that, the Gen 9 controller (the latest related to the Series S / X) is £ 8 off, the old Gen 8 is £ 10 off, and the controller is a great deal. These transactions are not yet active, but we have listed them in case they are active.


Finally, perhaps as a farewell to the old guards, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One S will be reduced by £ 20 from standard ERP. Again, this deal is not yet valid, but it is in progress. Linked below.


We’ll update these pages as we get more details, but of course there are many other Microsoft deals. Visit our Xbox One Black Friday Deals page. This page is constantly updated and changed.Or head to Jelly deals Twitter Follow us there for quick information on all deals and discounts.

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