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Microsoft announces jailbreak detection available on iOS devices

Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, commonly available on Android and iOS, provides supplemental breach protection, reduces organizational risk, simplifies the end-user experience, and is on-premises, according to an announcement announced this week. Obtained several upgrades to provide secure access to resources by Microsoft Corporation.

The tech company has added support for detecting jailbroken iOS devices to Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, an enterprise version of Windows 10 Defender antivirus.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoints has the ability to detect jailbroken unmanaged and managed devices. When a device is detected to be jailbroken, a warning is sent to the Security Center and the device is blocked from accessing corporate data if conditional access is configured based on the device’s risk score. ..

Jailbreaking is the process of exploiting a vulnerability in a locked down device to install software other than what the producer made available on that device.

Jailbreaking gives device owners full access to operating system (OS) sources and access to all features. This is called a jailbreak because it involves freeing the user from the “jail” of restrictions that are perceived to exist.

The Microsoft 365 Defender security team will alert you when it detects that your device has been jailbroken. The device is then considered a high-risk device and this risk score is shared with the app protection or device compliance policy to block access to corporate resources.


Shravan Thota, Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager, has declared that these types of devices pose a complementary threat and are more likely to violate your business.


Microsoft Corp. has also announced the general availability of Microsoft Defender for mobile application management (MAM) endpoint support on Android and iOS. With this update, Microsoft Defender for Endpoints will be able to display corporate data in managed applications. MDM But I’m using Intune to manage my mobile app.

It also extends support to clients that use others. Enterprise mobility management Despite being a solution such as AirWatch, MobileIron, MaaS360, it uses Intune for mobile application management.

To improve the end-user experience, the tech organization has also simplified onboarding for iOS end-users. This update allows administrators to push the VPN profile required for registration during the setup configuration process.

Microsoft’s mobile threat protection solution continues to offer:

  • Protection against phishing from browsing, email, apps and messaging platforms
  • Scan for malware and potentially unwanted apps (for Android)
  • Block insecure connections and access sensitive data (for Android)
  • SecOps Integrated Security Experience with Microsoft 365 Defender

This is a broad and decisive extension of the security platform to all popular operating systems with the goal of helping security teams adopt an integrated security solution to protect all endpoint users. It is part of the attempt.

As told by Bleeping ComputerTwo months ago, the tech company announced that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint also supports Windows 10 on Arm devices.

Microsoft announces jailbreak detection available on iOS devices Microsoft announces jailbreak detection available on iOS devices

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