Microsoft Bethesda Purchase Approved by SEC

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially approved the purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft. This was one of the last obstacles to the final closing of the acquisition, but Bethesda is not yet part of the Xbox.

This week, the SEC published a “validity notice” for the transaction on its website. If you’re not familiar with SEC filing, it doesn’t make much sense on the surface, but this notice is used when the SEC accepts a company’s registration. The “S-4” on this page means that this is related to a merger or acquisition. If you visit the relevant documentation for this notice, Microsoft’s registration amount is stated to be $ 7.5 billion. This is the amount agreed in last year’s transaction.

The SEC’s approval was in fact due to the expectation of contact from the European Commission, another major regulatory body that may suspend the transaction. Assuming that the decision was not completely delayed, it seems that it has not been announced yet, but it was scheduled to be decided by March 5. If it were approved, it wouldn’t be long before we saw the companies formally collaborate.

But that doesn’t mean that PlayStation fans will soon be left in the dust. The upcoming game Deathloop will actually be available exclusively for the PlayStation console, as an agreement was reached prior to the acquisition of Microsoft. Microsoft respects that. It certainly makes sense for large franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Doom to be dedicated to Microsoft to attract more players, but future games are more in the air.

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