Microsoft CEO says “next generation” Windows is coming soon

At Microsoft’s Build conference keynote on Tuesday, CEO Satya Nadella talked about a major update to work for Windows. Nadella didn’t give details, but called the update “next-generation Windows” rather than just Windows 10. Debuted in 2015.

“Soon, we’ll be sharing one of the most important Windows updates in the last decade, opening up greater financial opportunities for developers and creators,” Nadella said in a keynote. “I’ve been in the last few months. I’ve been self-hosting it, but I’m very excited about the next generation of Windows. We promise you more opportunities and build applications for all Windows developers today. We are looking for the most innovative, new and open platform to distribute and monetize. We look forward to sharing more soon. “

Since Build is a developer conference, Nadella was talking to a specific audience there. But the “next generation” of Windows will also be a big issue for PC gamers. This update has been working under the codename Sun Valley for some time, indicating that the leaked details and associated job listings are a major overhaul of the Windows look and feel. As we celebrate the 6th anniversary of Windows 10 in July, the announcement event is likely to be in the summer.

And if I had to guess, Microsoft would use the new name. Remove the “10” and simply refer to the new operating system as Windows.

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