Microsoft expects Xbox Series X and S to run short until the end of the holiday

A week after its launch, demand for both Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox consoles, Series X and Series S, has made it difficult for some people to get one. However, according to comments from Xbox CFO Tim Stuart, discovered by VGC people, Microsoft expects demand to outpace supply, at least until early next year.

Stuart said at the Jeffreys Interactive Entertainment Conference that supply shortages are expected to continue into the post-holiday quarter, the first three months of 2021.

“And in the fourth quarter, the whole supply chain keeps moving at full speed towards the months before the summer, and from there I start — I think we’ll see a bit of demand. — Meets supply and demand profiles. “

Some stores use social media and in-store advertising to say that Black Friday is limited in supply and will probably be available here and there for the rest of the year, but most of the time, the Xbox console will Not enough yet. Spread around. Stuart states that this demand speaks to the growth that video games have seen in previous generation consoles.

“I think what we’re heading from the previous generation to the present is, frankly, the explosive growth of games,” Stuart continues. “This is a $ 200 billion industry a year. Adults, men, women, young, old, whatever it is, [playing] game. And that drives that demand profile that we want to see. “

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