Microsoft Flight Simulator CRJ gets development update by Aerosoft. Description of the “most exciting” graphic features


Work on the Bombardier CRJ add-on with Aerosoft for Microsoft Flight Simulator is underway with new images and details.

Work on the Bombardier CRJ add-on with Aerosoft for Microsoft Flight Simulator is underway and third-party developers are providing updates.

Goods were provided by project manager Mathijs Kok, who posted on the developer forums.

Kok has presented some ongoing shots that show amazing levels of detail and explain how they are achieved.

He said the decal feature is Sim’s “most exciting” visual innovation and is superior to its competitors.

“More images. I think these are the first ones that actually show the level of detail we’ve started using. This is what MFS can offer.

There are 2 cm 3D bits and the texture has details that are only a few millimeters wide. You can do this because MFS uses “decals”. Decals are the most graphically exciting thing in MFS. These are small textures glued on top of other textures. This means you can set a 1K texture for the entire wing and use decals to add all the details. If you do that in P3D, you’ll need an incredibly huge 12K texture.

Consider a 5Gb texture on one wing. 20GB for virtual cockpit. Decals allow you to stay far below (!) P3D details. To be honest, it’s bloody and wonderful. The sky is the limit, and the level of detail is not a technical limit, but a period of time that allows modelers to work on them. You can also add stamp characters to M4 volts using the latest mappings rendered in 3D. We decided to get the rivets exactly the right size.

So the next time someone asks if they want to use a 1K or 2K texture, they just say that the question doesn’t make sense. This is not an effective method in MFS. Note that many of the objects here do not yet have a shim 3D (bump) mapping. And of course, this is all from 3D Max and looks much better in the sim. “

Announced in August, this project is very promising and includes the CRJ 700, CRJ 900, and CRJ 1000.

At an event a few days ago, the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator shared a lot of details about their plans for the future, talked about the success of the simulator, which defines the simulator as a “prosperous platform,” and a future world focused on the United States. I explained in detail about the update of. , Should be available in Update 7 on November 24th.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available on Windows 10 and Steam. An Xbox version is also planned for next year.

You can also check out the ever-growing guide wiki, which contains detailed information to help you get started with the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator CRJ Gets Dev Update by Aerosoft; “Most Exciting” Graphical Feature Explained

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