Microsoft Flight Simulator gets UK world updates in January

Exciting news continues to reach Microsoft Flight Simulator fans this week. A major update of the simulation game in the United States has arrived. Developer Asobo Studio revealed that there will be another update early next year. This time around, we’re focusing on the UK, which is due to land in January.

In a live Q & A session, the studio unveiled the latest development roadmap for MSFS, giving a rough idea of ​​what it plans to do in the coming months (not yet posted on the official website, but on Twitch). You can check it). Clip embedded below). Asobo has revealed that the UK World Update will be heading to FlightSim on January 26th, detailing what will be bundled with the Sim in the next few major patches.

“We have great data for England, Wales and Scotland,” said the head of MSFS Jorg Neumann, explaining that there is a “whole new set of antennas” and “working hard” for the studio to retrieve large amounts of data. I’m working hard, “he added. Not just Northern Ireland, but Ireland as a whole. For certain airports, developers say they “make some” of studios such as Manchester Burton, Liverpool EEGP, and Land’s End. In addition, the update will include “about 50-60 POIs”, some new landing challenges, new flights, and procedural buildings.

Asobo also reveals in the clip that we can expect more world updates to arrive on a fairly regular basis. “The plan is to update the simulation every 2-3 months. The world is updated every 2-3 months and it’s scattered. To be honest, it’s a big thing I can’t talk about yet because it takes time. “

In addition, players can expect more updates for the US part of the Sim world. Around 16:00, Neumann explained that the vastness of the country and the complex process of getting Bing Maps data into a sim means it’s a big task and requires “US Update 2 and US Update 3”. I am. That’s because it takes time for a large, large country as a whole to be processed. “

There is still a lot of information in the clip above. From around 45:40, you can listen to the latest information on the UK world in January for yourself.

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