Microsoft Flight Simulator has revamped the UK and Ireland

This scepter aisle emerges from under a dirty snow blanket, so it spruce up and look fresh in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Today, World Update 3 is here. This is a free overhaul of the UK and Ireland and includes new handmade landmarks and re-photogrammetry of 5 cities. See some of the many castles and bridges in the trailer below.

so! In World Update 3, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, London and Oxford should all look like themselves as they have all been redone using photogrammetry. Better elevation information should also make the entire UK landscape look better. And over 70 landmarks include seaside attractions such as Blackpool Tower and Southend Pier, sculptures such as Kelpy and Angel of the North, many castles, some skyscrapers, some sports stadiums, and Killarney National Park. There are custom models such as landscapes such as parks. Dover’s white cliffs and many bridges. And yes, Buckingham Palace is no longer an office block.

See the patch notes for a list of most handmade spots.

From British mansions and Victorian homes to rural stone structures, castles, churches and even drive-through restaurants, Jorg Neumann, head of MS FlightSim, added fascinating architectural elements throughout the region. “. Let’s see if we can take a taxi through Macca soon.

Although every effort to get closer to reality further emphasizes inaccuracy if you know the location. Who planted all these trees on Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Craggs in Holyrood Park? Arthur’s Seat can be seen outside the window. Only the person taking the picture of the sunset stands on it. Think of it as a utopian vision of Scotland reforesting.

Thank you for the moving images!

There are also new iconic flights across the northern islands, landing challenges in the Shetland Islands, and storm flights in southeast England.

To jump over all this newness, download today’s patch and then get the free UK & Ireland bundle on the Marketplace. If you’re already hooked on London with the ORBX London Landmark scenery add-on, be aware that it won’t work well with the new London game. “We’re actively working on this, but in the meantime, we recommend disabling this third-party scenery,” the developer said.

The next corner of the world that is scheduled to be renewed is France. I have already seen America and Japan. Where do you want to go next, gangsters-where you live, or perhaps the place you’ve always wanted to visit?

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