Microsoft Flight Simulator looks to the UK with the next big update

And Ireland may soon be painting new paint.

Developer Asobo Studio reveals that adjustments will be made in the very popular UK Microsoft Flight Simulator..

On the Twitch stream, developer Asobo provided a roadmap for future updates. The UK is next on the list and will lick fresh paint in January.

The studio says it has a whole new dataset to make the simulator giants England, Wales and Scotland. This is not the case, even though it is called the “UK” update, as Asobo does not yet have map information for Northern Ireland.

Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, said there are 50 to 60 points of interest on the map. Developers use procedural technology to introduce buildings such as churches and cathedrals to the United Kingdom. These are two of the 10 new building types the team is trying to introduce in this update. Oh, there are many airports such as Manchester Burton, Liverpool EEGP and Land’s End.

“We have great data on England, Wales and Scotland,” said Neumann.

“We have a whole new set of antennas. Thank you, Bing, it’s really cool. We’re trying hard to get at least Northern Ireland data, but it’s better to get the whole Ireland. We Is working on this and wants to get the latest information there. “

This update is provided as part of the second global update earlier this week, following Microsoft Flight Simulator bringing many new airports and attractions to the United States. The first spruce was planted in Japan in September.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was released for PC in August. In our review, we said it was “a great release for both veteran pilots and beginners.”

Within two weeks of its launch, the game attracted more than a million players. Prior to its release, analytics firm Jon Peddie Research said the game would help generate $ 2.6 billion in hardware sales.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator sets sights on Great Britain with its next big update

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