Microsoft is trying to buy “some” Japanese studios

Microsoft is exploring a move in Japan, which reportedly means buying one or three studios. Nothing landed, but the tech giant investigated deals with several developers.

Bloomberg said in a report on Microsoft’s strategy for the Japanese market that the company is actively negotiating several acquisitions and has talked with many companies. According to the article, “several Japanese-based game developers, from small to large,” are being asked by Microsoft to buy a team. The studio did not comment on how these conversations proceeded and chose to remain anonymous. Microsoft did not confirm or deny the inquiry, said Jeremy Hinton, head of Xbox operations in Asia, “acquisition is possible, but there are no announcements to share at this time.”

After the console was released a year later in the United States and lacked Japanese players on the Xbox One, which had never lost to Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft went on to the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X diskless brothers, and the Xbox Game Pass. Focusing can get you interested. The subscription service allows players to access the game on multiple devices, including PCs, and its library is updated monthly. Dealing with large publishers like EA has made Game Pass an increasingly powerful investment, even if there is a gap between what’s on the console and what’s on the PC.

Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of publisher Bethesda, for US $ 7.5 billion in August, so there is all the bet on the amount the brand is willing to spend on the right level name for IP. The entire Bethesda library (including Doom Eternal, Skyrim, and Fallout 4) is currently heading for the Game Pass, and there is no doubt that future games from the publisher will continue to be available on the PlayStation 5.

Let’s see what happens. This console generation is already interesting and has not yet been properly released. Maybe what Microsoft really has to do is start sending their own Xbox One X refrigerators to Japanese celebrities.

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