Microsoft lied to the press about the existence of the original Xbox

At the turn of the century, Microsoft entered the gaming market with the original Xbox, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Today, a virtual museum specializing in brand history has revealed some pretty interesting stories about brands. One of them details the story of when information about a console in production was leaked to the press before Microsoft officially announced it (discovered) by pure Xbox).

At that time, Next Gen Magazine contacted the Xbox and asked for comments on the leaked console. Company officials lied to the press that such things were not under development. Seamus Blackley on the Xbox was working on an API for 3D FX graphics cards for Windows at the time, but in fact, of course, he told the press that he was leading the team that created the Xbox.

“No, man,” Blackley remembers telling the press. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. What is Xbox? What are you talking about? I’m an entertainment graphics program manager for Windows. For 3DFX graphics cards for Windows. I’m working on the API. ” [I was] I’m just lying to him. “

The Xbox 20th Anniversary Ceremony is pretty gorgeous, with over 70 games added to the backward compatibility library and numerous games supported by FPS Boost. Halo Infinite’s free-play multiplayer also cast a shadow on this occasion.

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