Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Announce Joint “Sharing Principles” Statement

Three major console makers, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, have issued a statement committing to a set of common principles. This statement covers parental safety tools, cooperation with regulatory and law enforcement agencies, and personal accountability to keep users safe.

The statement was posted on the Xbox blog, but Microsoft states that it was made in collaboration with Nintendo and PlayStation. All three companies agree on an interdisciplinary approach that combines “advanced technology, a supportive community, and skilled human surveillance.”

According to both companies, the goal is to make the game accessible to all players, including young players and vulnerable groups. It states that it wants all players to have access to the social gaming experience with respect and security. This statement focuses on three important areas.

To support players and parents, companies provide tools and information, make safety features easier to use, notify players of changes in terms such as codes of conduct, and use technology to improperly act on users. I promise to keep it out of reach. We are committed to working with industry groups, sharing research, partnering with the community and encouraging the use of reporting tools to work with regulators. Finally, companies are committed to being accountable by facilitating reporting of breaches and, in response to legitimate requests from regulators and law enforcement agencies, by publishing rules for the public to understand. To do.

“Protecting players can be difficult in a digitally and often instantly connected world,” the statement concludes. “This partnership represents our commitment to work together to improve player safety and ensure that the game truly remains for everyone. The video gaming industry protects gamers, especially children. We have a long history of taking steps to do this, but we recognize that no company or industry will solve these challenges. “

The three companies have recently collaborated to increase cross-play between consoles and make them publicly available at The Game Awards. This is far from the hostile “console war” rivals, and this Joint Principles Statement is another way they appear to be working together.

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