Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony work together to build a safer online space

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have agreed to work together to create a safer online space for players.

Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Operations, outlined his shared vision in a blog post and stated that he intends to protect players using an interdisciplinary approach centered on prevention, partnership and responsibility. ..

“Xbox works with both Nintendo and PlayStation on behalf of the Nintendo Switch player community. To protect players online, we have advanced technology, a support community, and skilled human surveillance,” McCarthy said. Wrote.

“We will continue to invest, evolve and expand our approach to user safety as we can achieve more by working towards the same goal. As we continue to do this, we will keep players, especially players safe. Protecting is our priority. It is the most vulnerable. “

When it comes to prevention, the Console Coalition is committed to providing accessible controls that enable players to customize the gaming experience and support parents with the tools and information they need to create the right experience for their children. Did. We also invest in technology that “helps prevent improper conduct and content before players do harm.”

The partnership pledge allows the group to work with industry associations, industry members, regulators, law enforcement agencies and experts to develop and promote safety initiatives while conducting shared research “for the benefit of the industry”.

Finally, the group fulfills its promise of responsibility by “responsible for making the platform as secure as possible for all players.” This means making it easier for players to report code violations and taking appropriate enforcement action against violators.

“In a world that is digitally and often instantly connected, it can be difficult to protect players. This partnership improves player safety and ensures that the game truly remains for everyone. It means our commitment to work together to do, “McCarthy continued. “The video game industry has a long history of taking steps to protect gamers, especially children, but we recognize that no company or industry can solve these challenges on its own.”

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