Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo work together to fight hatred and harassment on all platforms

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft All worked together to release a set of joint principles to manage a safer gaming environment across each company’s platform.

Each company has posted a post titled “Our Shared Commitment to Safer Games” that outlines plans designed to make each online space of platform owners a safe place for gamers of all ages. Is published on its own site.

The statement is divided into a series of areas that outline how the three companies intend to combat toxicity and hatred in all areas of online gaming. Companies have clearly stated that they believe that hatred, harassment and exploitation of young players “has no place in the game.”

One is prevention. This is the details of a set of measures designed to educate and notify players and parents to prevent harassment and bullying in online spaces.

The precautionary measures outline should educate parents and guardians about their safety management, provide parents with information on terms of use, codes of conduct, enforcement tools, and prevent unacceptable behavior before that. Includes plans to invest in technologies that help you. happen. Microsoft’s obscene filter is a good example of this type of technology.

The second division of the initiative focuses on partnerships. Partnerships are about working with players, law enforcement agencies, industry regulators, or other gaming communities to enhance player safety. The ongoing efforts of PEGI and ERSB are a good indicator of this kind of positive collaboration.

Finally, the post outlines “responsibility”. Here, each of the three large companies provides players with more robust tools for reporting harassment, responding to all “legal demands” from law enforcement agencies, and taking player reports seriously. I swear to accept it.

At the moment, this is just a vague list of ideas, but it certainly does provide gamers who believe that platform owners have some responsibility to manage their products with some peace of mind.

This is a step in the right direction and seems to promise to improve the experience for all gamers in online space. It’s great that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have come together to say they don’t tolerate hatred or harassment, even if it’s uninterpretable.

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Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo collaborate to fight hate and harassment on all platforms

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