Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo work together to promote safer games

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image: Nintendo / Sony / Xbox

In a post shared on the websites of all three companies this morning, Nintendo, Sony,and Microsoft Has released a set of joint principles to promote a secure gaming environment on all platforms.

The Triumvirate, posted under the title “Our Common Commitment to Safer Games,” presents three approaches to ensuring that the platform is a safe place for gamers of all ages. I will. One is prevention. This includes educating parents and players about parental safety management, providing information on terms of use, codes of conduct and enforcement tools, and investing in technology to prevent violations. The second prong is a partnership that works with players, law enforcement, industry regulators and the gaming community to improve user safety. Finally, ensure that everyone is aware of the law, providing players with appropriate reporting tools, and the code of conduct of each company and how to return to or maintain their good grace. I am responsible.

It’s great to see the Big 3s come together and work on making the game a safer and less toxic place.I don’t know how effective it is Ambiguous bulleted list It will be, but I’m glad that the company gathered to make it. That’s good for them.

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