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Microsoft Surface Event 2021: Everything has started

The past few months have been flooded with news related to Microsoft’s most popular products. Windows 11.. We’re all very excited to take that shot when we land in October, but we need some good hardware to show it off. That’s where the 2021 Microsoft Surface event comes in.

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At the company’s September 22nd event, several new products were launched. Laptops and other Windows-based devices made up the bulk of the show, but we also saw the company’s latest Android devices. Check out all the summaries Microsoft has announced below!

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2

NS Surface Duo 2 It was probably the most anticipated product at the 2021 Microsoft Surface event. It has landed as Microsoft’s second Android-based product and is under great pressure to succeed. This is because last year’s original Surface Duo failed seriously and commercially on all accounts. Can the sequel correct the mistakes of the previous work?

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Judging from what Surface Duo 2 offers, that can happen. First, Microsoft got smarter and put a triple-lens camera on the back (the Surface Duo didn’t have a rear camera at all).We also upgraded the processor to flagship Snapdragon 888 Introduced 5G connection.

Surface Duo 2 camera

Another new hardware feature is the Glance Bar, which runs along the outer edge of the phone. There is a display that shows basic information such as time, battery life, notifications, etc. without opening the device.

However, the real problem with the original Surface Duo was its price. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t get smarter in this category. The original $ 1,399 price tag on the Surface Duo has increased by $ 100 to $ 1,499 on the Surface Duo 2. Surface Duo 2 will be available from October 5th, Pre-orders are being accepted..

Over time, it’s clear whether Microsoft has addressed the myriad of software issues that the original Duo faced (the Duo 2 included is not a good sign). Android 11 And Microsoft hasn’t revealed when it will be available Android 12). You also need to test these cameras. Stay tuned for a complete review that can answer all these questions!

Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

It’s been about two years since I last saw the flagship Surface laptop / tablet on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. With that in mind, Surface fans are eager to follow up and will finally be released as Surface Pro 8 this year.

As expected, the Surface Pro 8 has a smaller bezel and a larger display. It also upgrades the display to a sweet 120Hz panel. For the first time, the outside of the tablet has a Thunderbolt port, which power users will definitely welcome. Of course, casual users may be disappointed with the lack of a USB-A port. You should buy a dongle!

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In addition, the new Surface Slim Pen 2 lands with the Surface Pro 8 and has a removable keyboard with a small charging / storage slot. Microsoft is pitching a new precision usage of Slim Pen 2.

At the Microsoft Surface event, the company pitched a referral price of $ 1,099 for the Surface Pro 8. It will be available on October 5th, Pre-orders are being accepted..

Surface Laptop Studio

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Hero

For those of you who love the Surface Book laptop product line, there’s good news and perhaps bad news. The good news is that Microsoft unveiled its latest flagship laptop at today’s Microsoft Surface event. It’s very similar to the Surface Book 4. Perhaps the bad news is that it has completely revamped one of the essential features of the laptop and has a new name: Surface Laptop Studio.

In the previous 3 generations of Surface Books, the screen could be removed and used as a tablet. However, in Surface Laptop Studio, the screen is only partially removable. Instead of removing the keyboard chassis, it pulls forward so it can be used at different angles even in flat configurations. But that doesn’t really come off completely.

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Assuming it didn’t stop you, Microsoft has put in all the possible upgrades. It includes a 120Hz display, which makes all kinds of tasks (and the games you want to play) even more convenient. There’s also magnetic storage / space for your Surface pen. This is Microsoft’s most powerful laptop hardware.

Microsoft Surface Book 4 saves $ 1,600 in the most basic configuration.Although the order will start on October 5th Pre-orders are being accepted..

Surface Go 3

Microsoft Surface Go 3

If high-end devices like the Surface Pro 8 are too abundant in your blood, Microsoft will cover you. Surface Go 3 is the latest budget model in the Surface series. As always, it borrows the same laptop / tablet hybrid design as the Surface Pro 8 but has low-end specifications.

The latest Surface Go hasn’t changed much, but Microsoft has introduced a new Intel processor for significant speed gains. It’s available on October 5th, starting at a very reasonable $ 400, but pre-orders are currently being accepted.

2021 Microsoft Surface Event: More Information

  • Surface Pro X: from $ 900, A slightly updated version of the original ProX is available. It supports 64-bit emulation and comes standard with Windows 11. There is also a Wi-Fi only model. However, there is no new hardware inside.
  • Surface Slim Pen 2: This newly updated slim pen works well with the new Surface Pro 8 display. The Pro8 keyboard also has a slot for charging / storing accessories.The stylus $ 130..
  • Ocean Plastic Mouse: Eco-friendly mouse made of 20% recycled marine plastic. It costs $ 25.
  • Surface adaptation kit: A set of different stickers and customization systems that you can apply to your Surface laptop to help the visually impaired and the physically handicapped.

Microsoft Surface Event 2021: Everything has started Microsoft Surface Event 2021: Everything has started

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