Microsoft wants to buy a “small to large” Japanese development studio •

“The Xbox has the opportunity to make Japan the second largest market after the United States, if appropriate measures are taken over the years to come.”

The new report suggests that Microsoft is expanding its portfolio by acquiring Japanese studios “from small to large.”

Bloomberg (Thanks, VGC) reports that many studios based in Japan were approached by Microsoft to acquire them. The studio asked not to name it, but it didn’t give details of how the discussion ended, but Jeremy Hinton, head of Xbox operations in Asia, said Microsoft “with the right creators. We always accept discussions, “but comment if the acquisition is due to be announced shortly.

It is reported that one of the studios in close proximity contains Koei Tecmo. Hisashi Koinuma reportedly said he would consider releasing more games on the Xbox “if US companies continue to be interested in Japan.”

“Xbox has the opportunity to make Japan the second largest market after the United States if appropriate measures are taken over the years to come,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at the Tokyo-based Ace Institute. Said. “Sony’s attention has disappeared and fans have begun to notice it.

“Microsoft cannot put Sony in second place. [after Nintendo] In Japan anytime soon, but at least it started to change. Large tides always start with small changes. “

Yasuda doesn’t seem to be the only one to believe that Sony is focusing on the PlayStation’s plans for the state side.

Kazunori Ito, an analyst at Morning Star Research, added, “It is the analyst’s consensus that the PlayStation is no longer focusing on the Japanese market.” “If you want to know what they see in the Japanese market, Sony doesn’t talk about it, so you need to ask about it.”

“Ultimately, with the Series X, I think Microsoft certainly provided a great next-generation system, but it may not have many advantages at launch,” said Richard of the Digital Foundry, the Xbox Series X. Said in the review. One is due to the lack of first-party titles that actually put new technology at its pace, and the other is in contrast to Sony’s goal of a revolutionary shift across generations. It relies heavily on Microsoft’s vision of evolving the game in stages. On PlayStation 5.

“Publishers who truly embrace cross-generational development to the extent never seen before will not help series consoles establish them as a full-fledged generation leap. Here and at least now. , I love hardware. About what I can potentially experience with it and the many expert implementations of its positive features, the console is defined by the game and in that sense I’m still a machine I feel that I hardly know. “

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