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Microsoft warned Bill Gates not to send “flirty emails” to female employees in 2008

Microsoft executives warned Bill Gates to stop sending frivolous emails to female employees in 2008, but withdrew the problem after he said he would stop, the company said Monday. .. The Wall Street Journal first joined Brad Smith, then Microsoft’s legal counsel, now president and vice chairman, and another executive with Gates after the company discovered inappropriate emails to mid-career employees. I reported that I met.

The newspaper reported that Gates did not deny the exchange, and because there was no physical interaction between Gates and the employee, Microsoft board members who were briefed on the exchange would take further action. I refused to do that.

Microsoft declined to comment on Monday, except to check the journal’s report. Smith did not return a request for comment made through the company. In a written statement, Gates’ private office said, “These allegations are false, reused rumors from sources without direct knowledge, and in some cases serious conflicts of interest. There is. ” Further comments were declined.

A reported 2008 warning was 10 years before investigating a letter from an engineer who said similar alleged behavior hired a law firm in 2019 and had sexual relations with Gates for several years. I’m here.

The investigation, which preceded Gates’ resignation from Microsoft’s board last year, announced that Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates had decided to end their 27-year marriage in May. Was not announced until. The divorce ended in August. The former couple still co-operates the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates was CEO of Microsoft until 2000, after which he gradually diminished his involvement in the company he started with Paul Allen in 1975. He moved away from his day-to-day work at Microsoft in 2008 and was chairman of the board until 2014. ..

Microsoft spokesperson Frank Shaw told the journal that a 2008 warning had been issued by company executives shortly before Gates retired as a full-time employee. The show told the newspaper that Gates had suggested meeting employees outside of work in a frivolous, inappropriate, but “obviously unsexual” email.

The latest disclosure about Gates adds concern that Microsoft investors are asking fellow shareholders to uphold a proposal to investigate policies of workplace harassment and force them to publish reports on them.

“Bill Gates’ improper relationships and reports of sexual progress to Microsoft employees only exacerbated concerns, the culture set by top leadership and the role of the board to hold them accountable. “I’m questioning,” said Arjuna Capital’s proposal on Microsoft’s agenda at next month’s annual shareholders meeting.

Microsoft has already adopted a plan to urge investors to reject the proposal in a memo submitted to regulators last week and publicize how it implements its sexual harassment and sexism policy, so it is unnecessary. Insisted.

Microsoft warned Bill Gates not to send “flirty emails” to female employees in 2008 Microsoft warned Bill Gates not to send “flirty emails” to female employees in 2008

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