Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda approved by financial regulators

Microsoft has been spending the last few years launching studios of all shapes and sizes, but it’s a little surprising to buy ZeniMax. It is the rest of the ZeniMax family participating in Bethesda, Id Software, Arkane, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks, and Microsoft. And since both US and European financial authorities have recently approved the deal, they will join in at first glance. $ 7.5 billion! A lot of money.

Microsoft announced its intention to purchase ZeniMax in September 2020. Last week, both the US SEC and the European Commission signed the deal.

The European Commission said, “The European Commission is a proposed acquisition given its limited market position upstream of the merged entity and the presence of strong downstream competitors in the distribution of video games. Concludes that it does not raise competitive concerns. ” And the hilarious RPS Fanzine PC Gamer says the Securities and Exchange Commission made a thumbs up in the United States last week. These are two major steps towards completing the acquisition.

Some confusing reports (including ourselves) said ZeniMax will be integrated into Microsoft under a company named Vault earlier this year. This is Fallout’s cheeky wink, but it’s just a temporary entity that gets deleted after the action is taken.

Beyond the usual concerns about gaming industry integration, we don’t know what to expect for ZeniMax’s future. ZeniMax has promised to continue the previously announced PlayStation release and may continue to release it as before, but PlayStation users are more worried than PC snooping. There may be many reasons to do so.

“In the long run, we’re not going to pull all Bethesda content from Sony, Nintendo, etc.,” Xbox CFO Tim Stuart said at a virtual conference in November. “But in the long run, we want to choose an experience where the content is first, better, best, or differentiated on our platform.”

He went on to say, yeah, the games on the Game Pass are definitely a “better” way. When it comes to PCs, Windows is one of the platforms, as is the Xbox Game Pass For PC. And yeah, they used to say that you should expect future Beth games on your PC and Game Pass at launch, including the mysterious Starfield.

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