Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller has undergone a unique evolution during the design process

Over the past few years, Microsoft has put a lot of energy into making the Xbox more accessible. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a positive step towards addressing the unique needs of the player. The controller, a product of the Xbox accessibility movement and the team of engineers in the Xbox gaming division, was repeated many times during development. Direct feedback from games and the community of people with disabilities can help shape the final product into its current form.

“The Xbox Adaptive Controller is quite different from the prototype that was originally created,” Microsoft Senior Game Accessibility Program Manager Brannon Zahand told Game Informer. “It changed many times during the development process because we built the device in the game and the disabled community, not in the game and the disabled community. Therefore, we are constantly receiving feedback and designing continuously. It had to be revisited. Of the product under development. “

Microsoft focused primarily on people with restricted controller movement, and prioritized continuity and compatibility so that users could quickly adapt to the new physical language of the device. Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S also feature software accessibility features such as speech synthesis, text-to-speech, and narrator, making the gaming experience even more convenient for different gamers. ..

AbleGamers hosted the 2020 Video Games Accessibility Awards earlier this month, celebrating games and studios that worked to make games available to all types of players. Many of the biggest games of the year, including The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, and Apex Legends, have won awards from organizations in different categories.

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