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MicroStrategy owns over $ 3 billion in Bitcoin after new purchase

The representation of Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be seen in this illustrated photo taken on June 7, 2021.

Egdar Su | Reuters

Micro Strategy On Monday, he said he owns more than 100,000 Bitcoins after completing another purchase round. This time around $ 489 million is spent on 13,005 tokens.

Stocks in a Virginia-based enterprise software company fell more than 6% in pre-market trading, reflecting a similar-sized slide in Bitcoin prices on Monday morning.Cryptocurrency Approximately $ 32,200, down more than 8% per token As reports that China was raising its ratchet surfaced Bitcoin mining crackdown..

According to MicroStrategy, the average purchase price of 105,085 Bitcoin Trobes is $ 26,080 per piece, including fees and other costs. As of Monday, the company had more than $ 3 billion in holdings.

MicroStrategy is with Bitcoin Evangelism From Michael Sailor, Chairman and CEO, who regularly promotes Bitcoin on Twitter.He Get over 1 million followers On social media sites.

so CNBC interview last week, Sailor defended the crypto pursuit of the companies involved Debt provision To buy more Bitcoin. MicroStrategy recently applied for a program to sell $ 1 billion worth of additional shares. The proceeds can be used to acquire Bitcoin.

“We have turned our shareholder base into a company that sells enterprise software, can acquire and hold Bitcoin, and we have succeeded in doing so with leverage,” Sailor said.

“This has increased the brand’s power 100 times. We had the best software quarter in the last decade of the last quarter,” he added. 10% increase from the previous year.. “The Bitcoin business promotes the interests of shareholders. I think employees are happy. Shareholders are happy.”

MicroStrategy shares have skyrocketed since the company announced its first Bitcoin purchase August 11th before the bell.. Shares rose about 423% from August 10 to close to Friday’s closing price of $ 646.46.

Shares hit a 52-week high on February 9, trading above $ 1,300 per share. This was the highest level since the dot-com boom.

Bitcoin has been suffering from Rough Trade in the last two months after hitting a record high of nearly $ 65,000 in April. CoinbaseBig hit Direct listing..

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value, has risen about 11% year-to-date based on Monday morning trading prices.

MicroStrategy owns over $ 3 billion in Bitcoin after new purchase MicroStrategy owns over $ 3 billion in Bitcoin after new purchase

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