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There is a clear belief that Conor McGregor has suffered a long and difficult battle. There are several examples of the opposite, but it’s as powerful as McGregor himself told, for example, the second rally on the other side of Chad Mendes and the victory over Nate Diaz. Label his aerobic exercise “myth”.

McGregor’s main event defeat against Dustin Poirier didn’t go deep into the second round, but the Irish are still scrutinizing how he deals with adversity.Veteran mixed martial arts coach Philus Zahavi defeated his match YouTube channel, And in his view, McGregor gave up when faced with adversity.

“In the second round, McGregor was being attacked along the fence. I thought it was strange that he wasn’t-he seemed to have already given up the fight,” Zahabi said. ( Bloody Elbow). “Before he hit the canvas, things were tough and he felt like he had given up on the fight.

“The fight was getting tougher. His left hand didn’t work, and he’s not used to it. He’s not used to hitting a man with a big left, and (they) keep fighting. McGregor dropped his best card in the second round. He landed his perfect left hand. He relied on his entire career. But for some reason, It didn’t work.

“Poirier didn’t go down and McGregor seemed to be emotional about it. He started a cover-up and was beaten, but it didn’t look like he was trying to survive in a circle. “He explained. “He looked like someone who said,’This is the end. You should do something.'” He threw some punches, but they were almost desperate. “

Zahavi praised McGregor’s boxing and skill benefits, but Zahavi also believes that Poirier’s experience in bloody battles will help make a difference. Zahavi later summarized his views on the fight. “When McGregor goes into a fierce battle, he seems to be folded. He seems to fold much faster than Poirier.”


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Midnight mania! Philus Zahavi: Conor McGregor “Gives Up” With Poirier’s Defeat Midnight mania! Philus Zahavi: Conor McGregor “Gives Up” With Poirier’s Defeat

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