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There is no doubt that Conor McGregor will hit very hard. He knocked out 19 of his past opponents, including his next enemy, Dustin Poirier. Statistically, McGregor drops an unusually high percentage of his opponents. Whether or not his power is due to athletic performance, skill, or timing, it is undeniable.

If he hits harder than ever, it’s a scary idea. According to his coach, John Kabanau, that may be exactly the case. “It’s just as powerful as Dustin climbs the weight class, but for Connor it’s really at an extraordinary level,” Cabana told reporters Thursday. MMAJunkie). “To be honest, when I’m not yelling at him, I’m really excited to see him saying,” Take it easy, take it easy. ” He is wearing 18 ounce gloves and people are still flying across the ring. So it’s exciting to see it with 4 ounce gloves and I see it without worrying about sparring partners. “

How does an experienced batter like McGregor improve what is one of his greatest assets? Kavanaugh acknowledges consistency and dedication, explaining that his students were more focused than ever.

“Focusing on the whole camp and keeping distractions out of the way is what we did at another level for this fight,” Cabana said. “The” cowboy “fight was certainly a new level of commitment, love, and fun to the process. This is diminished by this, as the “cowboy” battle was a few months (preparation). The fight has been a year since nothing stopped since January. The world stopped, but Connor didn’t, we didn’t. Sure, the intensity has dropped for a while, but has increased since summer. “


The story behind it in case someone misses it Ottman Azaita withdraws from UFC257 Absolutely wild. Incorrectly quoted Brad Pitt, Se7en, “What’s in the bag?!?”

Get hype.

Dustin Poirier stops all rumors of severe weight loss.

Muay Thai Techniques and Expertise:

The meme doesn’t stop!

Darren Till is absolutely wild in Gram. In addition to the feud with the police offer, he mocked the betting company and bought Mike Perry’s cameo. Incredible!

Slips, lips, and KO clips

Petrosyan is a smart striker. Wrestling is exhausted and there is no better way to take advantage of tired enemies than a liver shot. Petrosyan dug three solid liver kicks / knees before the last one defeated the enemy.

Relive some of McGregor’s finest finishes:

The Irish may be a sniper, but Poirier, like most others, can pour it on injured enemies.

Dosage of SUMO clips to end the week:

Random land

Stunning ice!

Midnight Music: A killer track from Joey Badass’s 2015 debut album, B4Da $$.

Maniacs Sleep well! More martial arts madness is always on the road.

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Midnight mania!Conor McGregor’s power reached “extraordinary level” ahead of UFC257 Midnight mania!Conor McGregor’s power reached “extraordinary level” ahead of UFC257

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