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Max Holloway broke several records by hitting Calvin Kattar for 25 minutes in a row about a week ago. The Hawaiian simply landed a ridiculous number of punches, knocked Qatar around the cage, and was almost forced to stop in both the second and fourth rounds.

It will be down from Holloway as the best performance ever, but what about the impact on Qatar? As revealed in the video titled “”UFC Grand New StageWhite was designed to promote Etihad Airways on Fight Island and turned out to be very nervous about the recent UFC Fight Island 7 main event.

White spoke with UFC EVP Hunter Campbell to express real concern about Kater’s life and well-being during the beating. “He received so many punishments in this fight. I got a little crazy,” White said (transcription by). MMA Fighting). “I don’t know. I don’t like it. This reminds me of a fight like the end of the fight, and he walks back and f * cking dies. If you beat Herb Dean, I think I should have stopped in the fourth round. He was wobbling here and there. He should have stopped fighting on the spot. “

Through a video of White watching a match between Holloway and Qatar, his priorities clearly change. Initially, the UFC president was impressed with Holloway’s performance, but it didn’t take long for White to be ready to finish the match. At some point in the fourth, White sounds completely desperate to end the fight.

Shortly thereafter, White confirmed that Qatar had been rushed to the hospital. “When this fight is over, we won’t stop or talk,” he said. “Put this kid in an ambulance and get him out of here right away. I want him to get out of here. Don’t talk to anyone and go to the hospital right away.”

Brain damage is “Just a part of the gigBut absorbing hundreds of punches is still a scary business.


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Midnight mania!Dana White was afraid of Calvin Kattar’s life after Max Holloway’s beating Midnight mania!Dana White was afraid of Calvin Kattar’s life after Max Holloway’s beating

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