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one week before, Darentil uploaded a live video A figure of himself in a verbal conflict with a police officer over the controversy over the mask. It got pretty hot, but eventually ended without arrest or any other promotion.But there are still many unknowns, and Till was happy to discuss the details of Michael Bisping. trust me Podcast.

After filling the gas at his local station, Till says a video police officer has accused him of his mask … or is missing. That was when the debate began, and Till analyzed how it moved from there ( MMA Fighting).

“I went,’I don’t need a mask, I’m exempt.'”

“He went,’What are you exempt from?’

“I told him,’I don’t have to tell you, but I’ll tell you. I’m having sinus problems from the fight.”

“He went to me,’Oh, are you fighting on the street?’

“I went,’No, I’m a professional fighter, my companion.'”

“He went,’Well, this would have to be okay.'”

“I said,’Yes? When you’re jogging, your companion, you’re the Muppets.”

So when I go to my car, he’s trying to hug me, and I said, “Mate, you don’t touch me now.”I thought I needed to put this on film in case these c * nts tried to arrest me [disorderly conduct].. I tried to open the door of my car, and he stopped it, and I said, “Mate, you’re about 5 feet-nothing, trying to stop my car Stop it. ” So I picked up my phone and said, “You’re going to live Instagram now to protect yourself.”

After Till’s video became quite viral, Till explained that he regretted how he treated himself and didn’t want anyone to think it was the right way to deal with the police. .. However, in this case, Till felt the need to stand on the other side of the unsolicited police officer.

“I kept saying — this isn’t live — I kept saying,” You’re here to serve us, not harass us. ” Obviously, it went on a bit, and I was just going, “Mate, you’re a loser, you just love the Muppets.”


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Slips, lips, and KO clips

I didn’t think Thiago Silva was for a long time. When he played the drums on Marlon Vera’s back, he gave his pee test “Not human “urine,and again Allegedly committed a series of crimes with a gun?? Crazy times.

A slightly forgotten clip of a smooth guillotine choke courtesy of Sean O’Malley!

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Random land

A heartwarming story from the stock market:

Midnight Music: I like this track by pianist Ahmad Jamal, who has spent most of the last 70 years (!!!) recording and releasing music.

Maniacs Sleep well! More martial arts madness is always on the road.

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Midnight mania!Darren Till details his encounter with the “Muppets” police officer who harassed him Midnight mania!Darren Till details his encounter with the “Muppets” police officer who harassed him

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