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Dustin Poirier has really refined his kickboxing style over the last few years. For years, he was more of a fighter than a boxer, constantly breaking his stance of rushing forward with a power punch. It began to change around 2017 after losing to Michael Johnson. Poirier has become really sharp with footwork and overall form.

As a result, Poirier enjoys the best of his career and he has established himself as one of the better boxers in MMA. He also faces any of the dangerous UFC strikers, including former champions known for boxing at Max Holloway and Conor McGregor.

Poirier, who defeated both, is in a unique position to provide a perspective on their skills.While on Battle with Teddy AtlasPoirier was asked which man was the more skilled boxing player.

“Connor is definitely a good puncher,” Poirier said. Transcription via MMAJunkie). “Max seems to be in a position to put things together and throw better combinations. I think Max Holloway.”

Atlas, a decorated boxing trainer and commentator, finally agreed with “Diamond.” “Dustin chose Hollowway, as I think, he knows the guy has a more complete package. Everything he needs to be a great boxer. It’s consistency, “he added.

McGregor may have the opportunity to have another discussion in his favor. The trilogy battle between the two seems inevitable..


Even with Dustin Poirier’s mild beef, Michael Chandler has to be pretty healthy.

Referee Mike Bertrand has been solid for the last few years. It’s good to have him in UFCAPEX.

UFC258 gets an additional last second.

Probably staged and definitely interesting!

Benil Darish and Carlos Diego Ferreira’s class after a quality battle:

A Bit of Superhero / MMA Crossover Art:

High level stuff from both men! Petr Yan vs. Jose Aldo has been forgotten as an incredible battle due to the unpleasant and brutal finish.

Bittersweet aside, it’s ridiculously impressive that both the champion and the current top contender were trained by Henry Hooft.

Slips, lips, and KO clips

Jabhai, Jaburo, right hand is classic.

Headbutts are definitely feared in street quarrels.

I was planning to post last week, but if this weekend was the end of “The Ream”, it would have been a legendary career!

Random land

Some passengers were left behind.

Midnight Music: Echo & The Bunnymen’s classic post-punk track. While writing this little blurb, I learned that the chords of the song were based on Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, but it plays in the opposite direction. Pretty neat!

Maniacs Sleep well! More martial arts madness is always on the road.

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Midnight mania!Dustin Poirier rates Max Holloway as a better boxer than Conor McGregor Midnight mania!Dustin Poirier rates Max Holloway as a better boxer than Conor McGregor

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