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Elon Musk can be the brain of a midnight enthusiast. The eccentric billionaire and CEO of Tesla is undoubtedly “strange and wild” as his late-night tweets shifted the stock market and fined millions of dollars in the past. Now, NY post Musk reports that it has joined the board of directors of Endeavor, the entertainment company that owns the UFC.

In his submission, Endeavor explained why he chose the mask: “History and experience in running a listed company,” “Previously in senior management, and services on the board of directors of other listed companies.” , Experience in starting, growing and integrating businesses. ” .. “

As a move related to the initial public offering (IPO) in the future, post Endeavor reports that it is consolidating its full ownership of the UFC and is about to buy the remaining 20% ​​stake. There is no doubt that purchasing 100% of martial arts promotions and including masks will help strengthen the previously former Endeavor IPO next month. Stopped in September 2019 after low interest rates..

This is not the first crossover of the mask to the world of MMA. He has appeared in UFC events in the past and was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast — With disastrous results!! It’s not yet known how much the mask will affect the UFC. The UFC may just need union crushing, given the recent debate over fighter wages.


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Midnight mania!Elon Musk joins Endeavor’s board before IPO Midnight mania!Elon Musk joins Endeavor’s board before IPO

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