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Miesha Tate states that Julianna Peña can go down to the flyweight division after winning the title over Amanda Nunes.

Former UFC and Strikeforce champions who returned to sports after a five-year furlough in July have been looking for a way to the title since her return. Tate is also a good friend of the newly crowned bantamweight champion, Pena – Who actually used Tate’s first pick in Season 18 of Ultimate Fighter?

As Pena is currently a champion, she is hunted by everyone in the division, regardless of friendship. The title comes to mind, but Tate is octagonal and I don’t know if he can face Pena.

and Interview with MMAJunkie Tate said, “I’ve been cheering for Julie until she got there, so I don’t want to fight Julie.

“Sometimes a lot can change, so I have to win and work, so I think what I really have to do is win and focus on it. If Julie is still the champion by the time she gets to, I think it’s the conversation at that time.

“I continue to support Julie and pray that we don’t have to fight each other,” Tate said. “Julianna can make 125 and I know I can make 125. There are also them. At some point going hunting Valentina (Chefchenko) is a problem for both of us. Not outside. There’s a lot of dynamics. She really wants that fight, so I know I need to figure out what would happen if everything went in that direction. For either of us. There is always the possibility of going to 125. ”

How likely is the battle between Miesha Tate and Julianna Peña?

There will be a rematch early next year as Pena has won that huge vulnerable victory over a longtime champion and many consider him to be Nunez’s best female fighter. Nunez has proven to be one of the best players ever, and Pena performed great, but the rematch is guaranteed.

Tate, who was unanimously defeated by the Ketren Viera, is currently ranked 7th in the bantamweight. Tate needs to win at least a few big wins to be in the title photo, but Tate is a big name and as a former champion, chances are likely to come sooner.

The same situation happened, but this time Tate won the title and Pena was nominated in 2016.

“I and Misha talked about fighting each other. We said the only way we could fight each other was if she or I had a belt,” Pena said at the time. “She has a belt and raised her hand on July 9th, so please give me a title shot. I think so. I’m sure she will accept if she wins. She I’m sure it will. ”

What do you think? How does Miesha Tate go down in the flyweight division?

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Miesha Tate Ponders move to flyweight after winning Julianna Peña’s title Miesha Tate Ponders move to flyweight after winning Julianna Peña’s title

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