Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay Review –

Earlier this year, White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany suggested that the PAW patrol had been cancelled. “We saw it a few weeks ago,” Cary said at a press conference, “The cartoon show about policemen,’PAW Patrol’, has been cancelled.” Concerns are the creators of PAW Patrol. It was like urging Nick Jnr to respond with the next tweet. “Don’t worry. The PAW patrol will not be canceled.” The tweet rang 280,000 likes.

Is there a more permanent and popular example of PAW patrol than that? Is there any other children’s anime that raises such an enthusiastic level of concern about the possibility of cancellation? I do not think so. That’s why publisher Outright Games wants to follow up on PAW Patrol: On a Roll in 2018 as soon as possible. And this time there is PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay with the addition of Super Heroic.

As we approached this review, we faced a number of challenges. As an exhausted gamer near the age of 40, how do I review games for young children? My opinion is of little importance at best, and even less important when remotely criticizing an unintended game for someone of my age. I’ve been playing games since I got on cassette tapes, so I don’t need anything to approach PAW patrol games with an open mind and a fresh perspective. Then I had a moment of Eureka: Would you like to play a game with my 4-year-old son? I let him determine the quality of the game just by how much he enjoys the game. Let’s hope I haven’t inadvertently violated child labor law.

PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay is a two-part game. One is a collectorson platformer that is played from a top-down perspective and is virtually simplified. Playable through local collaborators, you need to guide your puppy around the level to reach the end you have to do a rescue location. There are no failed states, the only challenge is to find and collect dog biscuits and occasional PAW patrol badges.

At some point, the mini-game becomes active when the puppy needs to use his abilities. These are basic and simple things, and the player needs to time the response. Tumble the thumbstick or press a button to send spam, rubble drilling through rocks, Marshall watering flowers, Everest scaling walls. Despite the promise of superhero Shenanigan, Mighty Pap actually plays a minimal role in the process, unfortunately. Even if you change the costume, there is no difference in play. Rocky may look like an affordable green lantern, but that doesn’t mean he’s free to fly around and make green stuff. Instead, he does exactly the same thing as before, but the mini-games are a little different.

The first thing that impressed us with PPMPSAB was that it was a fun acronym. Second, the game is very well tuned for young players. Rider, the human leader of puppies, describes all gameplay clearly and concisely at some point throughout the level. My son needed little help from me to navigate the environment and figure out how to solve the mini-games. He also found the game “very funny and ridiculous” and laughed hysterically every time he hit Everest and a snowmobile against rocks and logs in a snowy mountain-themed mini-game.

For experienced players, these mini-games look funny, simple and very cliché, but for a 4-year-old player, they offer a decent challenge. Sure, there’s a gentle learning curve and great challenges, but as his son gained confidence, he skipped the rider’s briefing and went straight to action, starting to figure out how to solve the mini-game on the fly.

Paw Patrol also offers bright and bold visuals, and puppies have a lot of personality. My son was pleased that each vehicle was included, and that both Paw Patroller and Air Patroller were introduced. He noticed that the song “sounds strange”. Despite this being a licensed title, the developers seem to have decided not to use the official music that is played when the puppy slides off the base and reaches the car. This over-the-top track is one of the best parts of a TV show, so not mentioning it in the game seems to be a crime.

PPMPSAB has many other problems, which are obvious to young players. Invisible walls are everywhere. “Why can’t I go this way? Daddy?” My son asked, “The game says no,” because Chase doesn’t bounce again. I answered. “The game says no” became like a mantra while with the puppy. Why can’t Sky jump here? Why can’t I walk like this? Perhaps the most unforgivable thing is why you can’t dive into the ocean when you’re on the beach? The developer, Drakhar Studio, doesn’t even hide these invisible walls. They are so abundant and obvious that it is better to surround the level with a brick wall instead. While encouraging and finding treats for all puppies, games that hinder the search are a frustrating contradiction for players of all ages.

Second, there is a shortage of individual screens during local cooperation. Often one of the players gets stuck behind an item in the landscape while another player is trying to move the level. The screen locks in place, forcing you to trap an innocent puppy and spend the rest of the day behind a large rock. I don’t know why the screen doesn’t split or zoom out in this situation. On the PS4, the loading time between levels is also very long, after the loading screen animation freezes many times, my son often declares it “broken”, then gradually hurts, sits back and comes back to life. I will.


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