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First of all, when you first create the Mii, it’s the same creator as other Switch titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s pretty minimal and nothing to talk about. However, in the end, we will be able to offer Miis make-up and wigs, which is a problem.Looking up, one of my Miis (Soos Gravity fall) There are almost no scratches on the face. This is not possible with a basic editor, but I was able to add it using stickers. This more robust Mii Creator is really great, especially for creatives. Some of the work I see on social media is just at another level.

I also admit that I was impressed with the overall graphics. They are very stylized to fit Miis and aren’t the best there, but there were moments when I was really surprised at how beautiful some shots were.

How do you play the game? Well, you are tied up with ropes to create your Mii and then basically save the village and restore their faces. One of the great things is that you can fully customize all the characters in the game and change them later if needed. Talk to the townspeople, go on adventures, and fight monsters whose faces have been stolen. The fight isn’t that exciting, but it probably has something to do with choosing a warrior role (there are many roles to choose from), so at this point all I can do is attack with a sword. One thing I don’t like is eventually unlocking the other team members, but they seem to be autopiloting. I wish I could control the behavior of team members.

You can also manage team member relationships to help team members work better together. This is a fun element and gives some depth to this very shallow game.

Something else I don’t like is that when you choose your role, you get new clothes that fit that role, and sometimes you don’t want those clothes, but you can change them until you buy more It means that you can’t. There may be a way to hide the armor you haven’t found yet, but for now it’s a small pity. When you buy new gear, you can either equip it with gear or equip it with new stats. That’s cool.

Miitopia It’s like a fun and cooler game. The more robust Mii creation tool is really cool and you can enjoy editing your new Mii for hours. Based on my experience with the demo, $ 50 seems a bit expensive for the game.You can download the demo at any time e-shop But decide for yourself what it’s worth.

MIITOPIA is shallow and fun — GeekTyrant

https://geektyrant.com/news/first-impressions-miitopia-is-shallow-and-fun MIITOPIA is shallow and fun — GeekTyrant

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