Mike Gesicki, Daron Payne’s latest big name was on the sidelines as the NFL’s COVID-19 issue grew. – NFL Sports

Sunday brought another disappointing news about the NFL’s fight against COVID-19. Washington Football Team Daron Pain and Miami Dolphins Mike Geshitsuki are the latest big names on the Reserve / COVID-19 list as the NFL issue continues to grow.

The NFL currently has more than 50 players on the Reserve / COVID-19 list. This includes the nine Arizona Cardinals, the most of the teams in the league.

As for Washington, Defensive Harness Daron Pain will be the seventh WFT player on the NFL’s Reserve / COVID-19 list, joining Offensive Lineman’s Brandon Scherff, Cornelius Lucas and David Sharp. Wide receiver Curtis Samuel, defensive harness Matt Ioannidis, and safety Chris Miller conclude the list of WFT players.

Miami Dolphins Adds Mike Geshitsuki and Other TEs to NFL’s COVID-19 List

Meanwhile, in Miami, Dolphins co-attack coordinator George Godsey reportedly tested positive. As a result, the three tight ends, including star Mike Gesicki, were set aside, at least temporarily, by the League Protocol.

The dolphins have listed Geshitsuki, Adam Shaheen, and Sesan Carter. All of these are Godsea coaches in addition to running offenses. However, it is unclear whether all or part of the test results are positive.

Players on the Reserve / COVID-19 list are either positive in the coronavirus test or have not been vaccinated and are in close contact with the person who has them. The team is making great efforts to protect the medical privacy of athletes and coaches. However, Shaheen was very open about his vaccine skepticism.

Shaheen’s bio Twitter account Reading “I don’t obey,” his location was set to “Unmasked Location,” and he retweeted many anti-vaxx messages, including a statement from Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley.

Meanwhile, Geshitsuki spoke with a group of maskless reporters this week. Based on the League Protocol, this suggests that he was vaccinated.

Health after a shoulder injury in the second half of a serious season, Geshitsuki is ranked 10th on the tight end list of professional football networks Enter the 2021 season. He set a career record last year with catch (53), receive yard (703) and touchdown (6).

But for now, the dolphin COVID-19 problem is inferior to the WFT problem.

HC Ron Rivera was dissatisfied with the team’s hesitation in getting the vaccine

The Washington Football Team lags behind the NFL average in locker room COVID-19 vaccination rates. WFT coach Ron Rivera has expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction with the team’s relative reluctance to immunize.

“To be honest, it will make things difficult, and that’s what we have to be careful of,” Rivera said on Saturday. “It’s difficult in that everyone works together. It’s difficult for us as our evaluation and scout coach. Taking a break actually gives us the opportunity to work, develop, grow and learn. It will be difficult for the player because there is no such thing. That is the drawback and the drawback.

“I told it to our people. I said,” You know, this is a hypothetical scenario: what if this was Sunday’s match day in the opening round? ” Only the department’s contact tracing, but it’s 5 days. So if this is the opening round, imagine this. It will start in Los Angeles, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and will play against the Giants on Thursday night. Those people are not qualified. So for me it brings the reality of what the rules are and I hope it helps. But again, these young men have to make their decisions. “

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Mike Gesicki, Daron Payne’s latest big name was on the sidelines as the NFL’s COVID-19 issue grew. Mike Gesicki, Daron Payne’s latest big name was on the sidelines as the NFL’s COVID-19 issue grew.

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