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The UFC plans to cut more than 50 fighters in 2021, but despite the 7-7 UFC record, it’s Mike Perry who’s safe to work. A credible report of domestic violence against his former partner. After losing to Tim Means at UFC 255 (fought overweight at £ 4.5), UFC President Dana White The soft spot of the fighting shop with the problem was revealed.

“He’s always tough and fun to watch,” White said. “What I really like about Mike Perry … he tried to win the fight. He’s fun to watch. I don’t know what that means or where he’s going after this, He is a fun fighter. “

Hey, I understand. His hijinx can be interesting. The man seems to have sent Tim Means a photo of himself eating pizza during the weight loss process. They tapped the scale as they announced he was £ 175.5. It was ridiculous, not an expert, and the most interesting thing that happened that morning.

But given his violent explosion, things get a little darker. He knocked out an old man at a camera restaurant. His apparent anger management issues continue to worries people that he’s a war machine in training, and Agrojag, like warning fans to stay away from his face last night, is exactly reassuring. I have not:

Since being sold to WME, the UFC has been a major contributor to cracking down on athletes’ behavior.Perry was forced into an alcohol abuse program by the UFC after the restaurant assault, but the promotion shrugged Subsequent allegations from his ex-wife Daniel Nickerson His violent outburst was exacerbated after suffering the first round of knockouts against Geoff Neal in December 2019.

Assault on the public, allegations of domestic violence, possible CTE. At some point, the laughter that Perry occasionally offers is not worth the price that could come from enabling this action. As someone who saw Jon Koppenhaver Derails, hurt, and almost kills his ex-girlfriend, Ignore the signs on the way to the tragedy and let me guarantee that you have a special feeling of guilt that you feel after taking a different perspective.

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Mike Perry: “Leave me alone unless you want to give me money” Mike Perry: “Leave me alone unless you want to give me money”

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