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Mike Rodriguez I almost scored a goal and then finished it myself.

Rodriguez lost a submission to UFC Ed Herman at ESPN +35 in a serious mistake by referee Chris Tonyoni, who infuriated UFC President Dana White.

Rodriguez was on the road early on, landing his knees on Harman’s midsection, which Tognoni misidentified as a groin attack, as he was about to finish in Round 2. Herman fell on the canvas and held his crotch, interrupting the action.

When the replay was displayed, it was clear that Rodriguez’s landing strike was a clean shot to the center, but Harman was in time to recover. The fight resumed and the beaten Harman managed to turn things around significantly. He locked Kimura in Round 3 and forced Rodriguez to tap.

Rodriguez (11-5 MMA, 2-3 UFC) and his team Appeal the loss, But useless. Despite the great controversy, the scars remain in his record for now.

Due to the circumstances behind the finish, Harman won the MMA Junky 2020 “Robary of the Year” over Rodriguez.

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Mike Rodriguez vs. Ed Herman Mike Rodriguez vs. Ed Herman

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