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Detroit – If you need to dig deeper and see the best Minnesota Viking‘Defense made things easier Detroit Lions Quarterback Jared Goff on Sunday.

After the Vikings regained their lead in a touchdown in the second half of the fourth quarter, the Goff and Lions attacks took the field on their 25-yard line with 1:50 remaining. In the process of 14 plays, the Viking attacks Goff only once, and that play is almost Basho de Breeland, Those who couldn’t get off with the ball.

Instead of pulling a stop, Minnesota marched 75 yards for an 11-yard touchdown and a 29-27 victory for the Lions team, who had been winning 15 games in a row without a time-out. ..

“It was as good as you could be aggressive for us, and we were able to walk the field on them and finally play that,” Goff said. “It came down to one play and we were able to make it.”

At this point, the Vikings started playing “off and soft”. This is only to allow the team to come back and score at the end as a way to prevent big play, as Goff explained Minnesota’s zone coverage. The Vikings were beaten four times on the opponent’s last drive.

Director Mike Zimmer called two timeouts in the last eight seconds to help the defense set to the 11-yard line, which backfired and reorganized into Lions, the final four. It gave me the opportunity to understand how to attack with a fraction-and -2 play.

Zimmer said he should probably have put more pressure on Detroit’s last drive-Minnesota sent only three rushers to the Lions TD-but Viking unhooked Goff. According to ESPN Stats and Information, Minnesota recorded Blitz with only 14% of Goff’s dropback. This is the lowest blitz rate ever for Goff.

“We didn’t cover that great thing,” Zimmer said. “In other words, I think everything is hindsight.”

There is no doubt about the loss of dropping the Viking to 5-7 and reducing the chances of a playoff to 26%. Aggressive playcalls deserve most of Minnesota’s responsibility for a poor start on Sunday, but Zimmer’s defense-this once-proud unit-has failed to viking many times.

It happened in Carolina on October 17th when the Vikings allowed it Sam darnold Go 96 yards at 1:27 to make a touchdown and convert a 2-point attempt to force overtime.Occurred again during the Dallas backup quarterback Cooper Rush Two weeks later we tied together a 75-yard drive that ended with a touchdown at the last moment to give the Cowboys a win.

It even happened to Detroit on October 10 when the Vikings allowed Lions a 17-16 lead, recording 41 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter and having to rely on a 54-yard field goal. rice field.

Minnesota’s two-minute defense struggled throughout the season, but is now approaching historic lows. The Vikings lead the NFL with 101 points allowed in the last two minutes of the second half (the next closest team is 83 in Seattle). The maximum point allowed in the last two minutes of the last 20 seasons is 107, a record set by Minnesota in 2020.

For weeks, they’ll try to improve this problem area by condensing defensive playcalls and actually emphasizing a two-minute drill to focus on preventing the path interference penalty that killed the drive. It was made.

None of them worked.

“It’s an area we’ve been struggling with all year long and it bit us [Sunday],” safety Harrison Smith Said. “We need to fix that.”

The Vikings face a harsh reality about this defense as Pittsburgh reorganizes for a short turnaround to come to Minneapolis for Thursday Night Football (8:20 pm, Fox). This unit did not seem to be enough to compete with the types of teams faced in the playoffs. It could be a seal to Zimmer’s fate after eight seasons in Minnesota.

There was no consistent return on investment for defense investments, which was the focus of the off-season. In remodeling the entire unit, Minnesota donated more than $ 46 million in guaranteed money to the defending player.

Of course, injury is the problem behind much of their struggle.Vikings learned that there were no linebackers on Sunday morning Anthony Bar In addition to (knee / hamstring) Eric Kendricks (Biceps) Upper corner back Patrick Peterson COVID-19 / Remained on the reserve list.And even if the Vikings started defensive harness Dalvin Tomlinson When Michael Pierce Returning to Detroit, the pass rush remains thin, especially at the defensive end.

But being the victim of Detroit’s first victory is unforgivable, no matter who is on the field. Goff went down the field more than 10 yards on Sunday with a throw of 124 yards and two touchdowns 6-10. He threw one touchdown and four intercepts with a throw that traveled the same distance in the first nine games of the season.

The Vikings made the bottom quarterbacks more capable, further blowing the lead in the second half of the game. The same issue with this defense in Week 13 was in Week 1, but Sunday could have been the last straw, although it had been a consistent pattern under Zimmer for years. This team was unable to clean up or stop the team at critical times. , And since losing to Philadelphia in the NFC Championship Game in 2017, he has retreated with the number one defense every year.

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Mike Zimmer’s unachieved defenses may have sealed his fate in Minnesota-Minnesota Vikings Blog Mike Zimmer’s unachieved defenses may have sealed his fate in Minnesota-Minnesota Vikings Blog

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