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Victory is a victory, especially when it’s difficult to do so, but Udinese’s driving is a meaningful turning point for the season, given that the main benefit was taking advantage of mistakes with opponents. Is unlikely to be. The defense was once again sloppy and many times rescued by pure luck. It’s certainly morale, but many issues remain unresolved.

Still, there were some good elements that would hopefully continue in the next game, like the intense pressure that led to the mistakes mentioned above, and that of the game when Rodrigo Bentancur and Weston McKennie featured together. Such parts were generally okay, Aaron Ramsey was a very powerful game, interpreting the role in a way that no one else could put on the roster, and Paulo Dybala for an unconvincing performance. Nevertheless, I have always found a healthy target for the striker.

On the negative side, Alvaro Morata missed the clash, the team played well with him in advance on the issue of habit strength at this point, and Alex Sandro and Juan Cuadrado tested positive on COVID. .. Hopefully continuous swabs and all precautions avoid a full-blown outbreak, but it is certainly a very nerve-wracking situation. Losing both starting wingbacks at the same time poses a major challenge as there are no options at the same level to replace them. Federico Chiesa probably nods to the right side, who has performed well in all seasons, including Sunday, but unless the coach comes up with something, Federico Bernardeschi and Gianluca Frabotta are no longer the only choices. One slim picking is new. Given the flexibility of some contributors, there are several options, but absenteeism still carries a very noticeable risk.

At least Adrien Rabiot has definitely cleared the suspension, and Giorgio Chiellini and Demiral are both healthy. At some point, managers may want to put three centerbacks together in the field to tighten things, but they probably oppose more physical forwards than they are trying to face. .. Being available to the French also means that the option to use the three central midfielders and Weston McKennie as strategic ten has returned to the table, which is often chosen in more challenging games. I have come.

It is clearly a crucial trend to fuel the hope of a comeback, whether they can trample their authority with this, and whether they are likely to do it, or their well-known. It will be interesting to see if there are any problems and do them.

Expected lineup:

3-4-1-2 Szczesny; De Ligt, Bonucci, Danilo; Chiesa, Bentancur, McKennie, Bernardeschi; Ramsey; Dybala, Ronaldo.

Injured player:

Morata (thigh), Cuadrado, Sandro (COVID)

Suspended player:


Milan has been great so far this season and is, of course, at the top. In the first 6 or 7 games, it was a product of a soft schedule, but after that I was able to cope with a big miss. And again, they take care of the business in most games with overwhelming moments in the form of their foundation, and incredible resilience. In addition to beating Lazio just before the break for good proof for that, they didn’t come out of nowhere as they haven’t lost in nearly 30 games. Not only were they able to win in finesse, but sometimes they were able to wear their hard hats and go to work, so they showed great diversity.

Their design remained the same, 4-2-3-1, but they had to spin the men a lot forward because of injuries and every time they were able to adapt to the striker. Dujour, It goes to show their malleability. When Zlatan Ibrahimovic was at the forefront, finding him with a long ball and taking advantage of his flick-on was a great resource. When either Ante Rebic or Rafael Leão is in place, they play more with the ball on the ground and a quick pass, looking for the right opportunity to bounce them over offside traps. In any case, they have shown different ways to hurt the enemy.

Ibrahimovic carried them in the first half of the season, and they had a relatively hard time when he first got injured because Hakan Karhanoguru and Ante Rebic weren’t in great shape, but they were, for example, Theo Hernandez and Floating through an instant goal by Franck Kessié or by a set-piece defender. Today, Karhanoguru and Lević are gaining momentum, the Turks have always been the creative hubs of humans, and the former Eintracht attackers are the most prolific except Zlatan, so the attacks are much better and apparent. It’s much more threatening. .. Rafael Leão isn’t completely there in terms of consistency, but he certainly has eye-catching skills and can destroy gems at any time.

The recipe for winning is pretty simple as when you are generally competing when you have top 5 offenses and top 5 defenses. Their formation is solid overall and is probably one of Europe’s top specialists, such as Genius Izi Donnarma between the sticks and Theo Hernandez in the back left, often a team with his leadership. Heart and soul are at the top. His bursting and devastating weapon runs down the side.

Distributors Ismael Benasser and Sandro Tonali are both on the sidelines, and they have some problems as the quality difference with Rade Krunić, who is not very accustomed to playing there, is brilliant. One of the areas we have is the midfield. They rely heavily on Franck Kessié, who is also the cause of the cut in the last third despite his role. Then perhaps the attackers, mostly Calhanoglu, will follow further to make up for the lack of playmaking.

Milan has won in every way. For example, as it happened to Sassuolo, Lazio, and Benevento, even if Bianco Celestie returned, he would attack his opponent early on when he heard it, or plunge into the post with a slow second wind. The track record is even more pronounced, as they rarely blow away their enemies and have to fight every inch. They were also able to stand up on that occasion in a top match. For example, he showed the best show of the season in Naples and defeated Intel.

In many cases, it’s a much stronger play than your opponent, and it’s a great match, as it shows. After that, the quality of some of the contributors at the top of the food chain will do the rest, resulting in a very balanced team. A reliable candidate for the title.

Due to the large number of absentees, only one decision is made on the lineup. On the right side, you can choose between the slippery Brahim Diaz or Samu Castillejo, who is more focused on power.

Expected lineup:

4-2-3-1 Donalma; Calabria, Kea, Romagnoli, Hernandez; Kessié, Krunić; Castillejo, Karhanoguru, Lević; Leo.

Injured player:

Ibrahimovic (calf), Benasser (thigh), Salemaekers (thigh), Gavia (knee).

Suspended player:


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Milan v Juventus Match Preview and Milan v Juventus Match Preview and

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