Military Aircraft: World War I Sky Ace Announced for Switch, Trailer

Home Net Games and 7levels have announced that the aerial combat game Warplanes: WWI Sky Aces will be available on Switch this December. See the full overview and trailer below.

about Warplan: WW1 Sky Ace

Feel like the famous pilot Manfred von Richthofen, also known as “Red Baron”. From a light fighter like his Fokker Dr.I, or Airco DH.2, Sikorsky Illyamrometz. Customize and upgrade each machine to make it your own. It will be recognized by the enemy even from a distance.

Choose the flight style that best suits your skill set. In pilot mode, you can focus on air combat and plane collection and upgrades. In Air Force Major mode, you can not only smash enemy planes in epic aerial battles, but also manage resources, hire and train pilots, and expand your base.

Choose your side and take part in the Triple Entente battle in two available campaigns or shed blood in the name of the Central Powers in one campaign. Once you have completed them all, you will be able to experience all the major fronts of World War I.

Pilot fighters and bombers fly through most of the countries involved in the conflict, protecting or destroying ground targets and facing powerful zeppelins and anti-aircraft guns. Spread the horror throughout the World War I airplane combat arena!

Become a sky ace

  • Experience World War I aerial combat with intuitive control and user-friendly flight dynamics.

  • Choose between a fun pilot mode or a more advanced squadron leader mode.

  • Collect more than 30 historic planes from the time of World War I.

  • Join the Triple Entente or shed the blood of the Central Powers in three campaigns set up around the world.

  • Pilot fighters and bombers. Customize and upgrade each machine to make it your own.

  • At the same time avoiding anti-aircraft guns, it attempts to protect or destroy ground targets and shoot down powerful Zeppelins.

  • Stay alive, become a legend, and change the course of war!

Military Aircraft: World War I Sky Ace will arrive at the Switch eShop on December 11th.

Warplanes: WWI Sky Aces announced for Switch, trailer

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