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Millennials: Three Best Stocks to Buy Today

Many millennial investors must have raised their hands in early 2020. Most of this demographic has matured during the Great Depression. Today, many are beginning to consolidate their position in adulthood, and a pandemic has put us in a historic crisis. No one is celebrating the pandemic and the devastation it caused. But millennial investors have great opportunities.Discussed how timely investments can be made during these periods Make a fortune.. Today I would like to take a look at my three favorite stocks to scoop up for millennial investors.

Millennials: Buy this top stock to take advantage of accelerated automation

Automation is one of the key challenges facing the millennial workforce in the coming decades. This requires workers and investors to adapt to evolving situations. The latter should focus on stocks that are ready to grow with this transformation.

ATS Automation Tooling System (TSX: ATA) Is a Cambridge-based company that provides factory automation solutions to its global client base. Its share has risen 37% in the last three months. Millennials have seen a 5% increase in their 2021 share price as of January 21, 2021. Millennials expect third-quarter 2021 results to be in early February.

In the second quarter of 2021, the company’s order bookings increased 26% year-on-year to $ 403 million. Meanwhile, backlog increased 1% to $ 965 million. Revenues declined slightly due to pressure on businesses related to pandemics. However, ATS Automation will continue to look powerful.

A powerful stock of sin that also provides income

Millennials are not only responsive to trends, they are also setting trends. This is the largest demographic in North America. The alcohol consumption trend in this cohort has reshaped the industry. The beer market share is declining, paving the way for wine and spirits to take hold.

Corby spirit and wine (TSX: CSW.A) is a Toronto-based company that manufactures, sells and imports spirits and wines. Its inventory has increased by 22% year-on-year. The company announced its first quarter 2021 financial results on November 12.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt many retailers over the past year. However, during this lonely period, alcohol consumption increased in North America. Kobe’s top-line brands recorded 9% growth this quarter. Meanwhile, the company achieved total revenue growth of 12%. Above all, the price-earnings ratio of Kobe stock is as good as 16. Finally, Kobe declared a quarterly dividend of $ 0.22 per share. This represents a solid yield of 4.9%.

Why Millennials Need to Trigger Cannabis Stocks Again

More millennials Enthusiastic adopters of cannabis stocks In the mid-2010s. Many have been rewarded for their efforts as cannabis stocks surged after the Liberal elections of Justin Trudeau, who promised to legalize entertainment. There are many requests for cannabis deployment in Canada, and cannabis inventories have been sluggish since 2018.

Joe Biden’s elections in the United States have the potential to regain momentum in this sector. There is a real chance of federal legalization during Biden’s first term. Canopy growth (TSX: WEED)(NYSE: CGC) It is in a great position to penetrate the US market. When we acquired Acreage Holdings in 2019, we wisely prepared for this outlook. As federal legalization progresses, this partnership will give Canopy a huge advantage.

Canopy growth has risen 65% in the last three months. Millennials who want to embark on another potential legalization leap should now turn to the canopy and its peers.

Millennials also need to target this exciting stock …

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Stupid contributor Ambrose O’Callahan There are no positions in any of the listed stocks. Motley Fool owns and recommends shares in CORBY SPIRIT AND WINE LTD CLASS A.

Millennials: Three Best Stocks to Buy Today Millennials: Three Best Stocks to Buy Today

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