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Miller turned the field into a monster in the second practice of the Doha Grand Prix When he posted a lap of 1: 53.145 late on Friday.

However, when the Japanese rider fell from Honda on Turn 7, he chased Nakagami to do so.

MotoGP rules stipulate that if a rider’s lap is set to pass through the yellow flag zone, it will be automatically canceled, but a warning will be issued as Nakagami crashed when the mirror passed. Was not done.

“I checked the sectors coming out of T6 and saw the sectors right out of 6. [time]When I looked up, I saw dust, “Miller said.

“he [Nakagami] At that point it was still rolling.

“I thought the lap would be canceled. I was riding him directly and had no chance to slow down.

“I pushed [for] Another lap anyway, I did another lap enough to keep me in the second quarter.

“I wasn’t sure. I was previously excluded that way, so I wanted to prevent it from happening again.”

Jack Miller, Ducati Team

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Miller’s time-attack attempt, which was set to put him at the top of the session before that lap, ended almost catastrophically on Turn 14 when his Ducati almost bounced him into the landscape.

He describes the moment and states: [say].. It’s one of them when you’re pushing.

“It’s a better moment than a crash. Everyone keeps asking if I hit myself, but I didn’t.

“Family jewelry is safe and healthy.

“From the data we collect, it shouldn’t happen anyway.

“It has nothing to do with us. It’s one of the unavoidable things, but I don’t think it will happen again.”

Miller led the Ducati trio at the end of Friday, and Pramac rookie Jorge Martin refused to make it a Desmosedici quartet in fifth place for 0.010 seconds.

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In the FP3 situation, which is unlikely to allow improved lap times on Saturday, Martin just secured his place in the second quarter on the weekend of his second race-he didn’t expect him. I admit that.

“When they told me if I expected it, I didn’t know what to expect,” Martin said. “I just rode my bike a few weeks ago, but if you want to improve, it’s clear that I’m in the right place.

“My goal was to finish in the top 10 and enter the second quarter, but I didn’t expect the FP2 as it is today.

“I thought the bike was more difficult, but that made it possible. [to do] In many cases I can push it to take advantage of the strengths and hide the weaknesses. “

Additional report by Mark Bremer

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Miller fears Doha MotoGP FP2 top time will be “cancelled” Miller fears Doha MotoGP FP2 top time will be “cancelled”

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