Minarimes; Errol Morris’s love; Ethan Hawke in a small theater

Summary of Today’s Movie News: Mysterious Treatment of Golden Globe Awards MinariErrol Morris fits into the subject of his new film. Ethan Hawke speaks on behalf of the indie theaters and all indie theaters. Plus: An old singer vs. bandleader discussion.

Covid Christmas Classic: Occasionally, experimental filmmaker Nick Totti graces us with his clean, angry, wonderfully entertaining writing. In this work He explains how his latest movie, written by his wife Rachel Kemp, voluntarily turned into a Christmas movie.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom: Caleb Hammond talks to the film director, George C. Wolf, when the singer called for a shot about the curious time of American music, but the bandleader dominated.

Mixed-income workers: Like many in the entertainment industry, workers who earn both W-2 and 1099 add $ 100 a week in addition to a $ 300 increase in weekly unemployment allowance under new stimulus. You can earn with. Hollywood Reporter I will explain.

Errol Morris’s love: New master documentary film My psychedelic club story About Joanna Harcourt Smith. His life included a wide range of people, from LSD guru Timothy Leary to the Rolling Stones to Charles Manson.Morris talks to the latest Eric Stewar Movie Maker Podcast: “I also need to add, I like Joanna.” You can hear Apple Or Spotify Or here:

Minari: variety Report MinariLee Isaac Chung’s semi-autobiographical film about Korean Americans living in Arkansas does not appear in the Golden Globe Awards for Best Film, but instead in the Best Foreign Language Film category. IndieWire Given that there is no official language in the United States, I will elaborate on the substantive opposition to the designation of “foreign language”. “For the record Minari Is an American film set in the United States, written and directed by an American filmmaker along with an American leading actor, and produced by an American production company, “writes actor Simu Liu. “What more Americans are there?” I contacted the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which distributes globes, and asked for a response.

Promising youth switch: Promising young womanOne of my favorite movies in 2020 is to switch from comedy to drama for the purpose of the Golden Globe Awards. variety Report..

Also: Maria Bakarowa, a breakout star in the ambiguous Kazakh documentary Borat movie film, Currently competing for the Best Actress Award in Globe.It’s the same variety story.

And now, a word from Ethan Hawke: I used to live in the immediate vicinity of the Coolidge Theater, one of the best independent theaters everywhere. Ethan Hawke has a message here about how cinemas like Coolidge can make life more valuable.If you’ve already planned to pay to watch a movie this holiday season, one way you can do it Also To support your local theater, google for a local virtual screening room.This is One for Coolidge, I definitely have to look city ​​Hall..

Today’s comment: “It must be the most misleading summary of Time Machine What I have read so far, “said WC in response to my summary. Time Machine To This list of movies that predicted 2020.

Minarimes; Errol Morris’s love; Ethan Hawke in a small theater

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