Minecraft diamond pickaxes will cost £ 5 billion in real life

A new study by H & T reveals how much it costs to actually buy the most iconic objects in video games.

H & T looked at the world’s most popular games and evaluated the estimated cost of props based on material, purpose, and rarity.

The survey includes some of the most famous items such as Sonics Gold Rings, Minecraft’s Diamond Pickaxe, and Mario Kart franchise’s Banana Peel.

Sonic the Hedgehog Gold Ring will bring you back £ 5.8bn cool

The most expensive item on the list is one of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Golden Rings, worth £ 5,800,000,000 ($ 7,700,000,000). Estimated to weigh 256 pounds per ring, the price of pure gold on this scale is extreme!

Second place is Minecraft’s diamond pickaxe. If made of solid diamond, it will bring you back an astonishing £ 5,000,000,000 (46,700,000,000). The pickaxe weighs 4668 carats and is the largest diamond ever mined.

Next is The Legend of Zelda Master Sword. Carbon steel weapons cost fans £ 1,800 ($ 2,394).

At the bottom of the list are some of the most iconic game items ever. A cardboard box similar to that of Metal Gear Solid is only 62p, and a Mario Kart style banana peel is only 2p!

Game franchise object Price £ Price $
Sonic the hedgehog Gold ring £ 5.8bn $ 7.7 billion
Mine Craft Diamond pickaxe £ 5 billion $ 6.7 billion
Zelda Master sword £ 1,800 $ 2,394
Animal Forest Froggie chair £ 34 $ 46
fall out Pip boy £ 19 $ 25
Mario Brothers Brick block £ 14 $ 19
Sims Lawn flamingo £ 8 $ 11
half life bar £ 5 $ 7
Metal Gear Solid Cardboard box 62p 82 ¢
Mario Kart Banana peel 2p 3 ¢

The study also includes some of the movie’s most iconic items, revealing the value of Titanic, Star Wars, and Harry Potter props.

A complete survey including all assets can be found here.

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The diamond pickaxe from Minecraft would cost £5 BILLION in real life

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